Monday, June 17, 2024

Oregon Voters Approve Nicotine Tax Hike


Voters in the U.S. state of Oregon have overwhelmingly approved Measure 108.

This ballot measure approves an increase in taxes on tobacco products’ distributors and other nicotine delivery products like e-cigarettes. The cigarette tax will increase from $1.33 to $3.33 per 20-pack of cigarettes under the measure. Nicotine inhalant systems and electronic cigarettes will be charged at a 65 percent rate for these products’ wholesale sales price. The cigar tax cap will be set at the wholesale sales price of 65 percent and will not exceed $1.00 per cigar. That’s an increase from 50 cents.

Tax revenues from this ballot measure would be dedicated to the enforcement and administration of the tax. The other funds would be earmarked for the Oregon Health Authority — the state agency that manages public assistance and safety net plans for low-income individuals and other at-risk populations. These plans include Oregon’s Medicaid program, the Urban Indian Health Program, and programs that promote prevention and education concerning tobacco and nicotine-related health issues.

This ballot measure, since passed on Nov. 3, would be effective on January 1, 2021.

Unofficial Results: “Yes” — 948,491 votes; 70.35%. “No” — 399,664; 29.65%. These results will be updated when final numbers are available.

This is a developing story.

Updated: Nov. 3, 10:20 PM MST.


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