Only tobacco flavored vapes will be allowed in China in 2022

China State Tobacco Monopoly Administration has released two messages on regulating the China e-cigarette market on March 11.  First, the detailed regulations for the management of electronic cigarettes will be released and implemented on May 1, 2022; the second is the second draft of the national standard for electronic cigarettes, which clearly stated that electronic cigarettes should not present flavors other than tobacco.
Among them, the Regulation requires that e-cigarette retail sales need to apply for a tobacco monopoly license, and listing needs to be approved by the competent authorities. The second draft for comments proposes that the design of the vape “should not be inductive to minors, and the characteristic flavors of the product should not present flavors other than tobacco.” In other words, e-cigarettes other than tobacco flavors may become history.
Affected by this news, after the U.S. stock market opened on the evening of March 11, Beijing time, RELX Technology’s highest intraday stock price drop was over 40%, and as of the close, it fell 36.32%.
“The industry has long expected that the regulation of electronic cigarettes will become stricter. However, it is still a little shocking to see the severity of this document.” An electronic cigarette industry practitioner told the reporter.

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