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New electronic cigarette brand NUT – Five students from Yangtze Business School jointly founded it


Recently, NUT announced that it has closed 10 million yuan angel financing round led by venture capital and will devote itself to brand building, technology research and development and sales channel expansion.

It is understood that NUT was founded in early 2019, is the electronic cigarette brand of the purple Purple Technology Limited Company, was founded by five Yangtze River business school students. The founder of CEO Huang Hua, a continuous entrepreneur, is a student of the Yangtze China Europe Business School. He is good at integrating resources and overall planning, and has a deep understanding of the electronic cigarette industry.

NUT vape

The founding team of NUT is a famous company from Google, Huawei, Didi, Cat eye, electronic cigarette famous enterprises. It has 20% overseas returnees, and has the leading brand, marketing and sales channel management experience. With years of marketing experience abroad, NUT is actively positioning the global market, and their pod vape products have been sold simultaneously in domestic, German and other global markets.

NUT produces three types of e-cigarettes in combination for different groups of people. One is NUT V1 pod system (closed non-e-liquid refill), the other is NUT White (disposable vape), and the other is open pod system (refillable). NUT V1 has tobacco, childhood ice lolly, peppermint and other flavors, nuts, ice cream, baby peppermint, mung bean smoothie, love blueberry and other flavors, users can buy through the Wechat, small program mall, mall or shopping mall.

NUT vape

Huang Hua, founder of NUT, said that in order to maintain brand competitiveness, the top sellers in the domestic electronic cigarette industry have been formed. The competition of electronic cigarette filed is fierce and the threshold of electronic cigarette entrepreneurship has been raised. It is necessary to have stronger user experience products and brand marketing capabilities. In terms of technology, NUT e-cig has achieved many innovations, using the most advanced FEELM ceramic core heating technology, food-grade fruit and vegetable glycerin and high-purity organic nicotine salt. It has no tar, carbon monoxide and second-hand smoke in traditional cigarettes. In terms of brand promotion, NUT will set up a special team to serve new retail. And NUT will launch online publicity, community promotion, new retail and channel expansion to deliver a healthy and trendy new lifestyle to global consumers.

NUT vape

In recent years, as European market regulators have increased tobacco control, more and more consumers have begun to turn their attention to electronic cigarettes. The trend of traditional smokers using vaping technology products is becoming more and more obvious. With the increasing awareness of consumers’ health, the opportunities of electronic cigarette consumer market will not be limited to replace cigarettesm, but will be upgraded and integrated with the new consumption scenario.

At the beginning of the market layout, NUT chose to cooperate with the world’s electronic cigarette factory, to strengthen strategic strength and quality control, ensure product quality and taste, and prepare for the introduction of the new national standard.

NUT vape

In the future, NUT will also focus on more intelligent new product research and development, and on the basis of optimizing the user experience, targeted products will be launched according to the audience’s age and use scenarios to meet the personalized needs of smokers.

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