Novel coronavirus causes shortage of electronic cigarettes in the US

Novel coronavirus epidemics continue to cause the majority of China’s economy to be in a state of stagnation. The smokers in the United States and around the world are facing the threat of supply shortage.

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Manufacturers and importers of e-cigarettes in the United States have warned that businesses could face months of shortages due to the prevalence of the coronavirus. Although the disease is now confirmed in several countries, it initially appeared in China, and the vast majority of cases are still in China. Unfortunately for tobacconists, the vast majority of e-cigarette hardware also comes from China, and the disease, coupled with government efforts to control its spread, has stalled production and exports.

Since the end of January, the Chinese government has blocked dozens of cities, forcing factories to close for two weeks. These restrictions are now being relaxed, but local governments in many regions are still enforcing their own restraining orders, and many businesses are still closed. Even those companies that are back in business often have difficulty delivering goods to distributors because transportation bans disrupt transport.

Sealebia, An China Vape Wholesale, said importers expect shortages of coils and other hardware to begin at the end of February and could continue into may as existing inventories dwindle.

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