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Essential tips on using nicotine salt e-liquids with RTA


With the rise of the pod system, nicotine salt e-liquid also become popular with the majority of vape users, especially those who have the demand for quitting smoking. In order to get a better vaping experience with flavors, many users choose the combination of RTA and nicotine salt e-liquids, which can not only reduce the craving for cigarettes but also obtain more abundant flavor enjoyment that can not be acquired in most pod systems. As to the more complex structure and more comprehensive function of the RTA, many adjustments can significantly change the flavor of nicotine salt. 

Air intake adjustment can significantly affect the flavor concentration and throat hit

Like all RTA, nicotine salt e-liquid provides a stronger flavor with a slight increase in throat hit when using a small air intake. Generally speaking, orifice-type inlet inhalation nebulizer will be more suitable for mixing with nicotine salt. At present, many RTA have added the function of an adjustable internal air intake hole, and adjusting internal air intake will directly affect the taste and throat hit of the vape juice.

Coil winding has the most direct effect on e-liquid flavor

No mater box mod or pod system, the coil winding has the most direct impact on flavor of the e juice. At present, many fancy coils specially made for RTA are very significant for improving the flavor. At the same time, users can also change the flavor by making twisted pairs or winding coils by themselves. If you need a softer flavor, you can choose to loosen the coil to get it.

The structure of RTA can change the throat hit strength of e-liquids

When many users match nicotine salt vape juice with RTA, they will feel that the throat hit is much stronger than that used in the pod systems. If you like the strong throat hit, you can choose the atomizer with small air intake hold and short vapor tube, such as KF, and if you want a more gentle throat hit, you can choose the atomizer with a large intake of long vapor tube.

The diameter and length of the suction nozzle have a significant effect on the flavor of RTA

Because of the limited amount of vapor generated by the RTA itself, the gathering effect cannot be very good only through the vapor tube. When using the atomizer nozzle with small diameter and short length, the vapor gathering effect can be obviously improved, and the flavor will become stronger accordingly.

The condensation RTA should be cleaned and the coil should be replaced regularly

Though the amount of vapor produced by the RTA is much small than that of the RDA, the design of small air intake and more contracted vapor tube structure makes the condensate produced by the RTA very fast. If the condensate is not cleaned up in time, it is easy to cause the problem of cotton discoloration with too fast carbon deposition. Regular cleaning of the condensate and maintenance of the atomizing core can ensure the best flavor from the atomizer.

The combination of RTA and nicotine salt e-liquids brings a lot of DIY fun for vapers really. For example, different power, different coil diameter, etc. will bring about changes in flavors. With the above tips, vapers will get a better vaping experience, and they will be able to control the throat hit degree of nicotine salt e-liquid skillfully at the same time, having a more comfortable vaping experience.

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