New Zealand e-cigarette Association urges Ministry of health to release details of e-cigarette Regulation Act

According to vapingpost, the New Zealand Electronic Cigarette Association (vtanz) has urged local authorities to take this control procedure more seriously in view of the recent implementation of the smoke free environment and regulated products (vaporization) Amendment Act in New Zealand.

“New Zealand’s e-cigarette company is disappointed with the government because it is in time to pass its e-cigarette legislation before the election and the local industry is still completely unaware of the regulations,” said Jonathan devory, vtanz spokesman

“Under the current bill, the regulations will come into force a few months after Royal approval. However, it is worrying that the industry is still not aware of any details of many of the proposed regulations. ” “We are absolutely committed to ensuring that all our products and practices meet the requirements, but it is difficult with so much uncertainty,” he added.

The final phase of the smoke-free environment and regulated products (exports) amendment bill will be debated in the next few days after the last three weeks of the house meeting before the election.

Similarly, Nancy loucas, CO director of Aotearoa vapers community advocacy group (avca) and executive coordinator of the Asia Pacific Alliance of tobacco hazard reduction advocates (caphra), recently pointed out that instead of passing the bill in the last few days before local elections, the complexity of the bill should be discussed later.

“We have been calling for legislation for many years, believing that it can now be passed hastily in an emergency, which is totally unacceptable. Sadly, the only winners will be shareholders of multinational tobacco companies. “

“Given the time constraint, parliament should do the right thing and debate the bill after the election. Members will then be given a new mandate to focus more on the many complex issues arising from the proposed regulation. “

Vtanz is now calling on Vice Minister of health, Jenny salesa, to clarify with the e-cigarette industry the government’s regulatory procedures and its consultation with the industry, while ensuring that the proposed timetable is feasible. In line with MS. loucas’s comments, devory pointed out how frustrating it is that the industry’s long-awaited regulations are being dealt with in a hurry and given too little consideration.

“For the past five years, the e-cigarette industry has been calling for regulation. Therefore, the bill is passed urgently and all the regulations are imposed on us, which is a great disappointment. It’s not fair to any business. For example, to ensure the best product standards, government officials need to work closely with the industry on regulatory issues. Hasty legislation is not a good law! It should not be passed in a hurry, but should be passed by the next parliament with calm mind after the election and some serious cooperation. “

Vtanz also referred to two submissions from member Niki Wagner. One document (SOP) will lift the ban on non oral tobacco nicotine bags, and the other will allow companies that generate at least 50% (instead of 70%) of turnover from e-cigarette products to obtain e-cigarette professional retailer status.

“We look forward to the debate on these two amendments, but we also want more substantive changes. Ideally, this would include increasing the number of vape flavors – more than the three proposed – to allow regular retailers to sell, “concludes devery.

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