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Myst Labs appears in UK Birmingham Vaper Expo, and goes deep into European market


Birmingham, UK, October 25 – the 9th Birmingham e-cigarette show (Vaper Expo UK) was successfully launched, attracting more than 500 brands from around the world to participate in the exhibition, and it is estimated that more than 20 thousand people will visit and exchange. This is the largest international e-cigarette Expo in Europe.

More than 100 years ago, Watt, the father of the industrial revolution, invented the steam engine in Birmingham, marking the beginning of the first industrial revolution. Birmingham took the lead in entering the steam era. More than 100 years later, it has become a pioneer in the development of electronic cigarettes, and has taken the lead in the era of “new steam” – electronic atomized cigarettes. In Birmingham, Sandwell general hospital and Birmingham City Hospital, the two largest medical institutions, call e-cigarettes “public health necessities” and set up e-cigarette smoking areas.

The UK is the most supportive country for the development of e-cigarettes. From the British government to the medical system, we fully support the conversion of smokers to e-cigarettes. At least 1.3 million people have stopped using cigarettes as a result of strict regulation and scientific guidance of e-cigarettes. The UK aims to achieve a smoke-free society by 2030.

Myst labs stand is located in the special exhibition location of the main road in the core. Myst labs was founded by Chenyue Xing, the inventor of nicotine salt, and is famous for its technological R & D strength.

Myst Labs vape expo uk
Myst labs booth

Myst Labs’ flagship product P1 series is the world’s first slide mouthpiece electronic cigarette, attracting a lot of attention on site. Push and pull design, that is, smokers need to push the slide rail when using, making a “click” sound, similar to the sound of a lighter, to restore the sense of smoking ceremony. The hidden high-strength steel elastic piece in the slide rail design can ensure more than 20000 times of pushing and pulling.

In terms of hardware technology, Myst labs also adopts the latest generation of honeycomb ceramic atomizing core, which can restore the taste of real smoke to the greatest extent by uniformly and constantly heat the e-liquid. At the same time, as many as 300000 micron and submicron pores on the honeycomb ceramic surface, the e-liquid leakage rate is strictly controlled within 5 / 10000. The unique double s-port design can reduce the oil frying and flying rate to less than 1 / 10000.

The European market is very strict with the standard of e-liquid. In the experience area of Myst labs, European practitioners and dealers are full of praise for the smoke and e-liquid of Myst labs, saying that “one puff and you’ll know it’s the best.” The Nicotiana e-liquid of Myst labs was developed by the inventor of nicotine salt. The Nicotiana liquid with purity of over 99.5% was strictly selected, and QBD pharmaceutical grade Nicotiana e-liquid was used to make it extremely realize the taste of real tobacco.

Myst Labs P1, G1
Myst Labs P1, G1

Different from other products’ fancy and pompous, Myst labs brand is positioned to be mature and restrained, whether in color or appearance, it tries to avoid attracting teenagers as much as possible. Aiming at the European market, the taste of Myst labs participating in the exhibition has been localized and innovated, including 6 kinds of elegant international mixed tobacco, blueberry, peppermint, California mango and ice berry lemon, with the nicotine content of 20mg / ml, meeting the highest requirements of EU TPD for nicotine.

The acclaim of the bustling professional audience in the Myst labs exhibition area proves the success of the taste localization innovation of Myst labs and opens a good beginning for occupying the European market in the future.

Recently, with the successive reports of Bloomberg, New York Times, BBC and other media, Myst labs has gained many fans at home and abroad. At the exhibition site, British local media said that the strength and R & D ability of the Myst labs team are expected.

About Myst Labs

Myst labs electronic cigarette brand is founded by Xing Chenyue, inventor of nicotine salt, is located in Silicon Valley of the United States, and its market and manufacturing are located in Shenzhen, China. It’s committed to providing low-risk products to replace combustible cigarettes for 1 billion smokers and people around the smokers around the world. The released products include P1 series of pod system, it’s the world’s first slider mouthpiece design; G1 series is a disposable vape pen product.

About nicotine salt

The invention of nicotine salt improves the transmission efficiency of nicotine in the e-liquid in the human body, makes the electronic cigarette closer to the taste of the real cigarette, thus solving the biggest problem that has long plagued the electronic cigarette industry. The inventor is Chenyue Xing, Ph.D. in chemical engineering, University of California and the first scientist of Juul.

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