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Popular elementary school essay – My dad sells electronic cigarettes



This is a very interesting essay that amazed the teacher, went virus online recently. There are various versions available online. Last night, I saw this pupil’s popular essay in friend circle. Hope everyone will say goodbye to the pressure since October 2019, and usher in development opportunities in 2020!

My dad sells e-cigarettes. I often go to bed before he goes home. Every day he has no holiday at work and can’t play with me. My dad said that business has been particularly difficult in past few months. I am very worried that my dad will be exhausted one day.

If my dad is tired, he can’t buy me fish and meat. If I can’t eat fish or meat, my memory will decline. If I can’t memorize things in class, I won’t get my grades. If I don’t get my grades, I will be scolded, and I will lose confidence. If I lose my confidence, I will not be able to study well. If I fail to study well, I will not be able to graduate. If I fail to graduate, I will not be able to find a good job. If I cannot find a good job, I will not be able to make money. Without money to pay taxes, it is difficult for the country to make salaries to teachers. If teachers do not receive salaries, they will have no mood to teach, and no mood will affect the future of China.

Affecting the future of our motherland, it will be difficult for China to take off, and the China will degenerate into a barbarous nation. If China becomes a barbarous nation, the United States will doubt that China has weapons of mass destruction, the United States will wage war on China, and the Third World War will erupt. On the outbreak of World War III, one of the parties will inevitably have insufficient strength. If the strength is insufficient, nuclear weapons will be used. The use of nuclear weapons will destroy the natural environment. If the natural environment is destroyed, a large hole will be broken in the atmosphere.

When a large hole is broken in the atmosphere, the temperature of the earth will rise, and the icebergs at the poles will melt; the icebergs will melt, and the earth’s water level will rise; the earth’s water level will rise, and all humanity will be drowned.

So this is absolutely related to the safety of life and property of all human beings, I would like to appeal to my uncles and aunts who see this article, please go to my dad to buy e-cigarettes when you are free, to make his business better and make more money. This year we must not let the tragedy of the destruction of the earth happen!

[Teacher’s comment] Your logical thinking is so powerful! Please tell your dad right away, the teacher will appeal to all the students, parents, relatives and friends tomorrow to find your dad to buy electronic cigarettes, and the earth must be saved!

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