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MOTI will showcase new vapes at CES ASIA


It is reported that the 53rd International CES owned and produced by Consumer Technology Association (CTA) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 11 to 13. MOTI will make its first debut in CES ASIA with its new work and latest evolutional products, showing off its technical advantages and gifts in vapes.

moti ces

CES, which started in 1967, aims to promote the close integration of cutting-edge electronic technology and modern life. It has become a window for major global electronics enterprises to show their high-tech strength and advocate future lifestyle. MOTI, as a strong functional product providing smokers with a scientific alternative smoking solution, went on sale in early 2019 and won the most influential brand award in the consumer market from 3.15 2018-2019. The joint exhibition of MOTI and Shenzhou Digital will show the exquisite products made by the most advanced technology in the electronic

cigarette industry.

moti ces

As a substitute technology for cigarettes, MOTI insists “helping people change the traditional way of smoking“. And MOTI uses heating atomized e liquids to provide smokers with a healthier way to obtain nicotine. It does not contain tar and produces second-hand smoke. Compared with traditional smoking, MOTI reduces the hazard by 95%. MOTI uses ceramic atomization core, the industry’s original META TECH heating technology, to ensure a higher level of the foaming rate of ceramics. And it also ensures uniform atomization, to reduce burnt pod rate to 1/1800, restoring the true cigarette flavor to the greatest degree. It is the best-known brand of pod system in the market currently.

moti ces metatech

MOTI team has been working in the field of electronic cigarettes for nine years, and has experienced all stages of market changes. The former MOTI test version MT is the elder of Chinese pod vapes, and also the most popular pod vape at that time. After more than 20 micro-evolutions and 4 comprehensive promotions, it has completed the whole line of brand and product upgrading in 2018.

moti ces

It is worth mentioning that MOTI will show the latest joint-name products to the public for the first time at the exhibition. It is reported that the new product is MOTI’s special exhibition in China with world-class rock star David Bowie, and the official collaboration with MVM, a well-known design factory under Modern Sky. Limited edition customized vape was chosen by the organizers as the only accompanying gift for the VIP Day. The black-and-red flame oxidation process was used in the joint model specially created for David Bowie for the first time. The design printed on the device shell adopted the elements in David Bowie’s famous work HEROES and his representative signs of lightning and pupil, which had a full rock attitude. The joint product has been put on display in the official derivatives stores at present, and will be sold in the major official malls of MOTI in mid-June.

moti ces

MOTI always keeps on making strong functional tobacco replacement products only for the needs of smokers. If you don’t smoke, don’t touch electronic cigarettes, As a vane of Asian science and technology frontier, participating in this CES ASIA symbolizes MOTI’s another show on the international platform. And keep on providing the best alternative solution only for users who need alternative cigarettes is the longer way MOTI will go.

CES Asia Address: NI Pavilion 1230, Shanghai New International Expo Center, China.

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