Thursday, February 22, 2024

Leading E-Cig Brand MOTI Won the Spark Design Award 2021


Recently, one of the most influential international awards in the field of global creative design, the world’s Top Design Award Spark Design Award announced the 2021 winners list, MOTI won the honor of “FINALIST” in PRODUCT DESIGN CATEGORY.
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Spark Design Award is one of the world’s top design award, an international design award with a wide range, high level of specialization and far-reaching influence. The world’s top designers, design firms, and major corporations such as Philips, Google, HP, Fitbit, IBM, Samsung, Dell, HP, BMW, Nest, and more, are competing for the top honor bestowed by Spark.
Winning this honor is inseparable from MOTI’s core product-driven philosophy. MOTI has three core independent innovation capabilities, and has established an international R&D innovation center, dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality product experience.
In product design and research and development, MOTI emphasizes unique aesthetics. Up to now, MOTI has won 15 top international design awards, and applied for nearly 200 patents in various dimensions such as appearance design, structural design, and practical technology, among which the design awards include: German Green Product Award, American MUSE Design Award, French DNA Design Award, etc.
According to reliable sources, MOTI will soon launch an international version of this award-winning design, the K Pro, in 2022. As a leading electronic cigarette brand, MOTI insists on being responsible to consumers, insists on independent innovation, and will continue to exert its strengths in the future to provide consumers with more and better product experience.

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