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MOTI vape takes the lead in constructing an urban service provider system


On December 8, the Shenzhen station of the 2021 IECIE Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo closed successfully. As a professional e-cigarette exhibition with global influence and large-scale, this year’s IECIE exhibited a total of 2500+ brands. In the past half month, e-cigarette regulation has been continuously issued, which means that while e-cigarettes have officially obtained legal compliance status, they will also obtain more scientific development opportunities. e-cigarette brands with legal compliance, high technical barriers, and strong core competitiveness will be better developed.
At the exhibition site, the China vape head brand MOTI still maintained its high popularity, and the on-site passenger flow of the booth accounted for more than 20% of the total passenger flow of the exhibition.
During the exhibition, MOTI, as the industry’s leading brand, was invited to participate in the summit forum jointly organized by 36Kr and IECIE. At the forum, Zeng Huabin, deputy general manager of Moti’s China business group, proposed: Under new opportunities, e-cigarette brands need to build the core competitiveness of e-cigarette brands from product innovation and sales service terminals. From the perspective of service terminal capabilities, MOTI is the first to build an urban service provider system to help terminals achieve their mission of business growth and compliance operations.

Take the lead in the industry to build a city service provider system to help terminals achieve business growth and compliance operations

As the first brand in the industry to put forward the concept of “urban service provider”, MOTI answered the proposition of “As the industry’s leading brand, how to help the terminal do a good job in compliance management and business development”. Zeng Huabin pointed out that in the retail scene of vaping e-cigarettes, brands have the responsibility and mission to build their own service terminal capabilities and help the terminal complete the mission of compliance.
At present, there are mainly three types of terminals in the vaping industry: single-category and single-brand specialty stores, single-category and multi-brand collection stores, and multi-category and multi-brand sales points (grocery stores, tobacco hotels, convenience stores), etc. , The format is complex and the information is limited, their first priority is to operate in compliance.
MOTI vape takes the lead in constructing an urban service provider system
MOTI took the lead in gaining insight into the terminal development dilemma, and actively constructing an urban service provider system. At present, the MOTI city service provider team has been established, and the dealers are gradually undergoing transformation and upgrading. At the same time, the brand will continue to recruit competent and high-quality city service providers, and provide terminal operation tools for the service provider team. Digital tools such as “APP” and member CRM system help terminal operation management and member operation data intelligence, and promote terminal refined and compliant operation and continuous growth.
Driven by new opportunities, both compliance and efficient operations place higher requirements on the terminal. I believe that the forward-looking layout and planning of MOTI will better fulfill its mission.

Sustained product competitiveness is an important prerequisite for terminal business growth and brand building core competitiveness

Moti, who has always been driven by products and has expertise in scientific research and innovation, deeply understands that product strength is the prerequisite for the growth of the terminal business and the inexhaustible power of the service team. It is precisely because of MOTI’s investment and attention regardless of cost in technology research and development, that it can always maintain the industry-leading product upgrade and iteration capabilities, and have the confidence to continue to lead in the future.
The cartridge-changing atomizing device MOTI·S launched by MOTI has achieved data uploading to the cloud and intelligent control. The large vapor device MOTI·X has introduced automatic machine learning, and every puff can be recorded in the device, and provide customized atomization program.
This year, MOTI·MEGA PRO, known as the “big devil”, has innovatively realized the dual functions of mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung, opening the era of pod system atomizer 2.0, and has been highly praised by industry professionals and consumers.
MOTI’s scientific research investment far exceeds the industry average level. It has established its own international R&D and innovation center and “2019 laboratory” that meets the CANS standard, and has established research projects with many well-known university laboratories.
MOTI adheres to the continuous investment in the production and development of core basic materials and the basic science of atomization health. Up to now, it has nearly 200 invention patents, covering product appearance, structure and other aspects, and they are all applied to the MOTI products, realizing the upgrade and iteration of product functions.
MOTI builds an entire industry value chain and strictly controls product quality.
First of all, MOTI has established in-depth cooperation with the world’s top supply chains; secondly, MOTI 2019 laboratory implements the world’s top product quality management system to maximize the stability of product performance.
At the same time, MOTI’s own factory has also established a production workshop that meets the 100,000-level GMP standard and an ISO9001 international quality management standard management system. It has a 14000 environmental system and a 45001 occupational health and safety management system. MOTI integrates the internal and external high-quality resources of the entire industry chain to carry out more effective quality control of products, continuously bringing the ultimate product experience to consumers, and bringing inexhaustible impetus to the growth of store terminal business.
MOTI vape takes the lead in constructing an urban service provider system
In the new development period, compliance has put forward higher requirements for the brand of vaping product and MOTI is ready to meet new opportunities and challenges.
Relying on the solid foundation accumulated in the industry experience and technical reserves for more than ten years of deep cultivation in the industry, MOTI continues to grow and grow through scientific research and innovation, and always maintains the second leading position in the industry in the China market.
At the same time, MOTI has deployed global business and accelerated its overseas development. It currently covers 35 countries and regions around the world, has 100k+ global outlets of various types, and has established an independent platform for leading e-commerce in North America.
Under new opportunities, MOTI is the first to build an urban service provider system under the premise of product innovation and service terminal capabilities.
I believe that MOTI will live up to its original intention, continue to maintain its brand’s core competitiveness and market advantages, and make greater contributions to the technological innovation and overseas trade of China’s vaping industry. It also calls on all industry practitioners to jointly promote the development of the industry.

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