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In the era of pod system, every brand meets the needs of various customers with excellent taste, flavors and beautiful appearance. Is this in line with the essence of electronic cigarettes, no matter what, the fittest brand survives.

The following is today’s protagonist, Moti mojo disposable vape.

Moti mojo introduction

The definition of disposable vape is nothing more than: taste, convenience
This time Moti broke the rules and made an appearance that is alien to the industry
Whether it can be loved by people, let’s find it out later.

Moti mojo disposable vape review

The material on the packaging is very solid, splendid
Compared with other brands of disposable e-cigarettes in carton boxes, they are dazzling

Captain Dirty feel kind of puzzled about the appearance,
It looks like shoe support, it’s something creative.

Moti mojo disposable vape review

There are 5 flavors this time,
Reasonably speaking, it is relatively monotonous, and the flavors are conventional,
They are: mung bean ice, popsicles, iced pineapple, classic tobacco, ice cola

Vaping experience

As to experience
Captain Dirty thinks that coke and pineapple flavor are the first choices,
Followed by tobacco and popsicle flavors,
Finally, green bean ice.
Captain Dirty doesn’t like mung beans, which is more subjective,
Coke performs best here on Captain Dirty, different from other brands of Coke,
This one is very special, the sweetness is also mixed just right.

Moti mojo disposable vape review

The whole process of vaping is very smooth. Just don’t take draws too hard, which is a common sense.
Although its appearance is grotesque, I fall in love with it soon.
Moreover, it looks more and more beautiful after a while.

Moti mojo disposable vape review

The only drawback is that the vaping process is not ergonomic,
The air inlet is set at the bottom,
When Captain Dirty takes it, the little finger will block this hole
So it’s embarrassing, keep an eye on it when you vape it.

Inner structure

Structurally a standard disposable vape,
The bead things are reasonable,
The selected pseudo-pod design is also hygienic and clean, which is more scientific than the unwrapped tank,
Neat design, neatly placed,
Perfect workmanship

Moti mojo disposable vape review


The taste is smooth, pure and soft, and friends who want to experience can choose cola and tobacco. I personally think it’s the best.
Pineapple is mediocre. This flavor is very new and that’s why it’s listed as the first choice.
The disposable vape is rarely made with pineapple flavor.
Captain Dirty knows that the price of this disposable pod isn’t very expensive, and friends who want to experience it can take a try.

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Moti mojo @$6.99 only 

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