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MOTI Vape signed 53 exclusive store customers at Nanjing vape show


MOTI Vape signed 53 exclusive store customers at Nanjing Vape Show

MOTI·X won the DNA Paris Design Award before it was officially launched, and it was also the first e-cigarette product to win the award. At the Shenzhen IECIE International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in August this year, MOTI·X debuted for the first time. MOTI·X has a machine learning mode, which can explore the user’s smoking habits. It can repeatedly learn the use of e-cigarettes through real-time monitoring of the user’s smoking time, output power, changes in the instantaneous rate of smoking, and changes in the volume of inhalation. Habits, recording a number of data, is a long-awaited product for pro users, and it is expected to start global sales in December.

At present, MOTI has established a comprehensive multi-directional multi-channel three-dimensional marketing system in China. As of October 2020, many branches have been opened nationwide, and the number of direct and franchised stores has reached more than 1,000. The company’s overseas business territory covers North America, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and Southeast Asia, covering dozens of countries around the world.

MOTI Vape signed 53 exclusive store customers at Nanjing Vape Show

At the investment promotion conference of cities in the offline channels of electronic cigarettes in the six provinces of East China, MOTI launched the latest support policy for exclusive stores in 2020, and at the same time increased the triple gift of signing on-site. Solve all-round problems such as large investment in shop decoration and high rent pressure. In response to the different types of franchise stores, MOTI provides real support policies such as subsidies for goods, cash subsidies for rent, and all-inclusive decoration to help shopkeepers open stores with zero risk, and are highly praised by customers who come to discuss cooperation on the spot.

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