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MOTI·MEGA PRO review – DirtyCheck No.129


MOTI officially released the 2021 new product MOTI·MEGA PRO.
Different from the pods about anti-counterfeit new products released by the official in the early stage, the appearance and strength of real new products can be called the pinnacle of the industry.
And Moti realizes the direct-to-lung experience in the pod device for the first time.
The product strength is so strong that Moti’s ambition of subverting the vape industry is ready to emerge.
Let’s find out the new product with Captain.


MOTI·MEGA PRO introduction

The packaging still adopts a simple and atmospheric packaging style,
While the inside is actually a relatively simple three-piece suit, device, charging cable and instructions for use.


Total product size: 111mm*26.1mm*13.1mm
Atomizer shell material: PCTG material, food grade silicone
Device material: aluminum alloy
Device process: anodic oxidation, gradient color
Battery capacity: 800mAh
Mouth-to-lung power: 7-9w (curve power output)
Direct-to-lung power: 9-12.5w (curve power output)


Aurora, neon, galaxy, cosmic black hole


Product Highlights

Dual-mode vaping experience
Mode switching method, switch the direction of the cartridge inserted into the device
Soft mode mouth-to-lung vaping (dense taste enjoyment)
Inhale the smoke into your mouth first,
Inhale additional air to bring the vapor into the lungs.
Slowly enjoy the delicate and subtle taste experience.
Strong mode direct-to-lung vaping (full surging experience)
Like taking a deep breath,
Inhale smoke directly into the lungs
Instantly burst into a sense of refreshment.


Heating scheme, each flavor has a special adjustment
RC4 encryption chip accurately records the taste curve of each e-juice,
Paying more attention to the perfect taste experience.


On-screen display settings
Through the connection between the atomizing core chip and the device,
It can accurately analyze the unique settings except for the coolness and sweetness of the taste,
And reflect it on the screen.
And historically created the setting of the screen to display the remaining amount of e-liquid,
To avoid dry burning and other problems that affect the taste experience.

Cartridge information
Cartridge capacity: 3.0mL super large liquid tank
Compared with the conventional 1.8mL and 2.0mL, the increase is not small
Great satisfaction in battery life


There are 18 flavors in total
MOTI also made a breakdown
Recommended experience in Strong mode: grapefruit flavor, peach rose flavor, watermelon guava flavor, colorful fruit flavor
Recommended experience of soft mode: crispy cantaloupe flavor, latte coffee flavor, sweet blackcurrant flavor, osmanthus oolong flavor


User experience

The data on the panel is dazzling,
Let me talk about the configuration.
First of all, the size and shape of the device is relatively “advanced” and bold,
Choosing a value between a regular device and a regular pod.
Fortunately, the grip and the feeling of use are more reasonable, and there is nothing strange or uncomfortable.
The 800mAh battery is very scientific, basically satisfying an experience from morning to night.
Compared with general pods, it is superior to them. It beats them overwhelmingly.
The area that needs to be strengthened in quality control is the connectivity between the cartridge and the device
Sometimes there will be loose and unstable connections, feeling loose, affecting the experience.


One of the issues that everyone is most concerned about is the difference between soft and strong modes.
To be honest, there is no obvious difference between the two.
It means that there is no intuitive feeling on the taste,
It’s only limited to vapor size difference.

MOTI·MEGA PRO reviewAnd there is a problem with the adjustment of the cartridge.
Although it uses a more technological and intelligent function,
But the taste in mouth is not particularly good.
It’s mainly reflected in the adjustment of the airway and the fineness of the e-liquid,
I feel that the feedback is not as good as other Moti pod products.


The battery life problem

The official gave is a cartridge capacity of 3.0mL,
Because it is cotton core pod, there is actually a capacity of 3.7mL,
While the number of puffs is relatively discounted,
The actual test basically looks like 300-400 puffs.
There are often situations where it is difficult to hold up for a day.
Very embarrassing, there is left power, while there is no e-juice left in the cartridge.


To sum up

Although this product has a lot of points that can be regarded as milestones in the history of pod vapes, some internal details are kind of anticlimactic.

There should be a qualitative change in the later stage, so as to make it more popular.

However, the taste and flavors are already excellent in the industry.

Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

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