Thursday, May 30, 2024

MOK 2.0 heat-not-burn e-cigarette is launched in Korea


At 8pm Beijing time on August 20, 2020, MOK 2.0 was launched in the MOK flagship store in Gangnam District, Seoul, Korea through the YouTube platform COG TV.

In the 50-minute live broadcast, the concept video, usage method, usage experience and actual product display of MOK 2.0 were carried out.

As a series of co-branded artists, GRAFFLEX was invited to be a guest at the live broadcast of Korean fashion model Lee Jung-hwan. The two participated in the live broadcast together throughout the whole process, helping MOK 2.0 debut.

It is understood that GRAFFLEX is a well-known trend artist in South Korea, and has had cross-industry cooperation with world-class brands such as Nike, Mercedes-Benz and Montblanc.

This time GRAFFLEX cooperated with MOK to launch a limited edition smoking kit and accessories.

The world premiere of MOK 2.0 on August 20 represents the innovation path of MOK and has entered a new journey. The facts show that as long as the company makes up its mind, it can still go out successfully.

We also hoped that China Tobacco will cooperate with domestic private e-cigarette enterprises in various aspects when implementing the “going out” strategy, complement each other’s advantages, and make greater achievements in the international market.

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