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MICKO disposable vape pod stick is launched


Electronic cigarettes gets popular across the world and is unstoppableAs we all know, the high temperature combustion of traditional tobacco produces a large number of chemical and pyrolysis reactions, producing 250 kinds of harmful substances, 69 kinds of which are carcinogens. The emergence of electronic cigarettes has greatly changed the smoking mode of a new generation of smokers, but also a new generation of smoking mode that greatly reduces the harm to human body. The Centers for Disease Control and Defense pointed out that it might be helpful if people could completely replace other tobacco products with electronic cigarettes.The global vape market reached 10.24 billion US dollars in 2017. Goldman Sachs, an American research institute, believes that e-cigarettes are among the eight innovations that could change the world and the next 100 billion-dollar market. The U.S. electronic cigarette market is far ahead of the rest of the world by 43%. E-cigarettes are expected to account for more than 10% of the U.S. tobacco industry by 2020.
Electronic cigarettes were originally born in China. In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the first electronic cigarette. In 2006, electronic cigarettes began to export to Europe and the United States, and quickly gained a huge market. Today, more than 90% of the global electronic cigarettes are produced in Shenzhen, while only 6% of the products are finally digested in China. The first generation of e-cigarettes is mainly about health, but this has not attracted much attention. Instead, social media such as Instagram and Snapchat have provided e-cigarettes with the soil to spread seeds. China is the largest consumer of tobacco. The number of smokers in China exceeds 300 million, accounting for 22% of the total population. As of December 2018, according to the survey, the penetration rate of disposable electronic cigarettes in China is very low and there is a huge space for development.
In this upsurge, VEIIK’s brand MICKO was born.
High-quality craftsmanship to create high-quality products
Unlike traditional cigarettes, MICKO disposable vape pod is made of stainless steel. It is comfortable and first-class industrial design to create exquisite electronic cigarette products. Unlike many manufacturers, MICKO vape pod uses independent carton packaging that’s plastic, and the appearance of the pod represents a variety of flavors, you can intuitively see the different tastes of each cigarette, and the whole vape stick looks very fashionable. Undoubtedly, this disposable pod is not only an import artifact, but also a decorative vape stick.
Relieve addiction with one mouthful fragance
Traditional electronic cigarettes are often criticized for their short endurance and twisted taste. But unlike Micko, it has built-in advanced constant voltage chip technology in the industry. The current output is uniform, which ensures voltage stability during smoking. The normal number of inhalations is up to 400, making each mouthful count.
Organic cotton core, no more vape juice leakage
Traditional electronic cigarettes often leak e liquids, but not MICKO, because they are using imported organic cotton core from Japan, which has a balanced taste and good reducibility. The filter design of cotton core is also used at the suction nozzle, no more vape juice leakage and condensate.
Special blended vape juice with various flavors
Micko has professional fragrance mixers, who have 30 years of fragrance experience, to restore the most pure flavor, each vape pod nicotine content is 3% – 4%, with more than a dozen flavors with impeccable taste, ensuring the taste storm at any time and your taste buds to a perfect encounter. One-off vape pods do not have much to share in terms of operation and design. Here we share the taste experience of Micko with more than 10 different flavors: blueberry popcorn: with sweet blueberry flavor, coupled with the frost taste of stimulating taste buds, directly hitting taste buds, which makes people feel throat-stimulating and addictive.
Mung Bean Ice Sand: The unique fresh taste of mung beans matches with the taste bud experience of frost. The fragrance is rich, which makes people feel relaxed and happy in summer.Royal litchi: Rich litchi fragrance and sweet taste, fruity fragrance, let people have endless aftertaste;

Nut tobacco: unique nuts with the unique taste of tobacco, strong taste, let you have a very wonderful taste experience;

Classic tobacco: Classic cigarette flavor, containing 4% nicotine salt, unique familiar taste, long and moist taste, let vapers have a sense of instant addiction;

Sunshine Mango: Full-bodied mango taste exudes rich fruit aroma, soft and long taste, feel the fragrant mango fruit aroma, making the mouth full of sunshine flavor;

Ice Spring Mint: Mint’s unique taste bud stimulation, instant activation of the mouth, refreshing, addiction and refreshing essential artifacts;

Watermelon Ice Sand: Sweet watermelon taste, without any impurities, is completely the taste of summer, fresh aroma, every inhalation let you feel the sweet taste of watermelon;

Lemon pomelo: The fragrance of lemon plus the sweet taste of grapefruit, sweet taste with a trace of acid, each inhalation is as sweet as first love;

Pineapple Ice Sand: Intense pineapple aroma fills the mouth, stimulates the taste buds, every inhalation can feel the strong taste of pineapple;

The research and development of a variety of flavors are in line with the taste needs of every vaper. MICKO is so for the public relieving nicotine addiction with a mellow taste.

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