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Massive Brazilian Police Operation: Over 500 Tobacco Packages Seized, Two Suspects Apprehended


Brazilian Police Seize 500 Tobacco Packages and Arrest Smugglers in Nova Santa Antônio

In a recent operation conducted by the 23rd Police Battalion in Nova Santa Antônio, Brazil, over 500 tobacco packages were seized and two suspected smugglers were apprehended. The authorities also confiscated a significant amount of cash, cheques, lighters, and e-cigarettes.

According to reports from the incident, the police had set up a checkpoint on the MT-322 highway, located at the 58th kilometer. During the year-end operation, a vehicle suddenly braked and made a U-turn on the road, arousing suspicion. The driver then attempted to flee at high speeds in the wrong direction but was eventually intercepted by the police, after covering a distance of 20 kilometers.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the driver admitted to the authorities that the tobacco and other items found in his vehicle were without proper invoices. Additionally, he confessed to possessing tobacco from Paraguay and a check worth 6700 reais. The identities of the arrested individuals have not been disclosed by the authorities.

The seized tobacco packages, along with the other confiscated items, were discovered hidden under the passenger seat carpet. After completing on-site verification, the suspect and all the seized materials were taken to the local police station.

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