Marijuana Leaves: Its Effectiveness, Types and Uses

All parts of cannabis plants contain active ingredients that bring about high effects, and every partaker uses either the buds or the leaves of cannabis. However, the buds are generally most coveted by medical practitioners and recreational users.  
Despite cannabis leaves being equally efficient to other parts of the plant, frequently, many dispose of them. Since they do not understand how helpful marijuana leaves are, they do not get the most out of their cannabis. Their role goes beyond photosynthetic activity that keeps it all fresh and green, and it is about time people stop pruning cannabis leaves and instead see them as valuable products.    
Marijuana leaves vary in number depending on cannabis plant type. The average plant ranges between seven to nine leaves, although some cannabis plants may have thirteen leaflets. There are two types of cannabis leaves: sugar leaf and fan leaf. Further, the kinds of leaves determine how marijuana can be of use. 
Types of Marijuana 
There are three major strains of marijuana, known as Indica, Sativa, and hybrid (the hybrid is composed of composite parts of both Indica and Sativa). The leaves of both strains (Indica and Sativa) tend to be different, but both take on a fan appearance with extended fingers. The leaves of the Indica strain are more expansive, whereas the Sativa appears slenderer. The hybrid strain seems to be a pleasant blend of the Indica and the Sativa strain.   
Compared to cannabis buds, the leaves contain lower amounts of cannabinoids. It has extra phytonutrients, flavor, and resin, which may positively impact human health. The sugar leaves always grow close to the flowers and buds. In the process of harvesting the buds, they often get trimmed off. You can find both the sugar and the fan leaves on the same marijuana plant. Due to their closeness to the buds and flowers, sugar leaves tend to contain more cannabinoids than fan leaves.   
Nonetheless, the leaves are often discarded, likely out of ignorance, despite their various uses. For example, the leaves can be a source of cannabinoid infusion for beverages and are also used to make edibles, including weed cookies and gummies. 
Uses of Marijuana Leaves 
You can specifically buy the buds or the leaves when buying Los Angeles weed products, maybe both. So, when you do get a substantial amount of marijuana leaves, how do you use it?   
It doesn’t matter which type of leaves you settle for, as you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of the processed juice derived from the leaves. Despite the low level of cannabinoids in the leaves, it is sufficient to activate the endocannabinoid system of the human body, which is responsible for the high feeling users experience. The cannabinoids present get converted to their active forms, which are THC and CBD. Those two elements are known to impart the heavy psychoactive effects experienced from consuming marijuana leaves. 
You can make cannabis juice by pulverizing the leaves using a blender. You can also use marijuana leaves and some other juicy fruit blend or vegetables for premium enjoyment. Other cases of use of marijuana leaves include: 

  • Cannabis Leaf ButterYou can use marijuana leaves alongside the flowers or buds to make cannabutter (butter-containing cannabis). The leaves heat with the butter and make cannabis oils with either olive or coconut oil. 


  • Cannabis Leaf TeaDried marijuana leaves are most suitable to make this. The leaves are dried and soaked in hot water and steered gradually until the cannabis herbal tea is ready. You can feel the fresh taste of the cannabis plant as well as a moderately high feeling. 

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