Marijuana industry leader of US stock soared 23 times in a few days

Aurora cannabis Inc(NYSE:ACB , ACB.TO)Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, 171 full-time employees, together with its subsidiaries, produce and distribute medical marijuana products in Canada, including dried cannabis and cannabis oil.


Aurora marijuana, a licensed manufacturer and retailer of medical marijuana in Canada, has about 16400 registered patients in its fourth quarter results as of late September 2016. Canada has approved the legal use of medical marijuana since 2001. Over the past decade, Canada has established a complete industrial chain of medical marijuana industry.

Aurora cannabis Inc. shares have soared at an alarming rate since they fell short on May 11! Several trading days up 23 times more!

In recent years, the growth rate of industrial marijuana in the global market is obvious. From industrial layout to policy-making to consumer market, the attention of industrial marijuana continues to increase and the driving force of industrial development is full. The main reason is that industrial marijuana can be widely used in various industries, and the health effect of CBD, the main value component, has been confirmed and recognized by the public. Policies of many countries and international organizations have been opened up to encourage the development of industrial cannabis industry. At the same time, many industry giants enter the field of industrial marijuana, with increasingly rich product forms.

Industrial marijuana is full of treasure. There are a lot of cannabinoids in industrial hemp leaves, which is also the main extraction part of CBD. The content of cannabinoids in stalks is less, but the fibers can be made into clothing, plastics, building materials after treatment. The seeds do not contain cannabinoids, and the protein content is very high, which can be made into hemp seed oil, powder, food, animal feed, etc. Compared with other crops, industrial marijuana has unique ecological advantages. Compared with other fiber crops such as cotton, industrial hemp needs less water for growth and has lower requirements for fertilizer. It can adapt to poor soil, absorb heavy metals in the soil and purify the soil.

CBD is the main value component of industrial marijuana. At present, scientific research has shown that CBD has a positive effect on health, including relieving pain, depression, anxiety, etc., which meets the needs of modern people when they are facing increasing pressure. For a long time, marijuana has been regarded as a drug because of its thc property. Thc has spiritual activity and hallucinogenic effect. THC is only one of hundreds of components in hemp plants, mainly in flowers and leaves. Through modern technology, the THC content of cannabis varieties can be reduced to less than 0.3%, which is called industrial cannabis and no longer has the drug nature.

According to the data of orri international, in 2018, the global cannabis market (including legal and illegal, including recreational cannabis and industrial cannabis) is about 150 billion US dollars, of which the global legal market is about 12 billion US dollars (85.1 billion RMB), and will reach 160 billion US dollars (1135.6 billion RMB) by 2025.

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