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Innokin’s Sceptre is the latest pod system to incorporate a manual and automatic switch.

By Mike Huml

Innokin is a titan of the vapor industry, having made some of the highest quality vape gear available over the past decade. Their newest pod system, the Sceptre, is no exception. With amazing battery life, top tier build quality and support for multiple vaping styles, the Sceptre is a force to be reckoned with.

The Sceptre is a little larger than a standard pod system, but it’s not a “pod-mod” by any means. The larger size is to accommodate a long-lasting 1400 mAh battery to ensure at least a full day’s worth of vaping. One button on the side is used to fire the device, toggle the power and adjust the output power. Three lights next to the fire button indicate the current battery life and output power. It’s slightly more involved than the run-of-the-mill pod system but still remarkably simple.

Each pod includes an airflow adjustment via a simple slider on the side of the pod. The coils are replaceable by turning the plastic fitting on the bottom of the pod and sliding out the assembly. From there, it is just a matter of unscrewing the old coil and installing a new one. There are two types of coils available: a 1.2 ohm coil that is best suited to mouth-to-lung vaping and a 0.5 ohm coil that is better for direct-lung vaping.

On the side opposite of the fire button is a micro-USB charging port. The included charging cable can be plugged into any USB port and can charge the battery from empty to full in under one hour. Given the size of the battery, the Sceptre should only need to be charged once per day with regular use.

Like a growing number of other pod systems on the market, the Sceptre incorporates a manual and automatic switch. The fire button can be pressed to preheat the coil or just provide more control in general. Alternatively, the user can simply take a drag without pressing the button to more closely emulate smoking.

Both methods provide a flavorful, smooth vaping experience, but it should be noted that the automatic switch only works when the pod is set to “MTL” mode. Pressing the fire button will also activate an LED underneath the pod that illuminates the e-liquid to more easily determine how much e-liquid is remaining without having to remove the entire pod. The pod is easily removed, however. It is held in place via a magnet and easily pops in and out of the battery.

Each pod holds just over 2 mL of e-liquid, which is standard and adequate for multiple hours of use. The pod is filled by removing it from the battery and opening a silicone plug on the side. The fill port is large enough that it should not back up or clog when being filled by any reasonably sized bottle or dropper. The silicone cover feels thick and sturdy and won’t wear down or break, even after prolonged and repeated use.

The Sceptre also offers two power settings for each coil. This can be adjusted by turning the device off with three clicks of the fire button then holding the fire button down for three seconds. Subsequently, each click will alternate the power output mode, indicated with either a green LED or a purple LED. The green LED signifies nine watts when using the 1.2 ohm coil and 18 watts when using the 0.5 ohm coil. The purple LED provides a small power boost, increasing the power output to 10 watts with the 1.2 ohm coil and 20 watts with the 0.5 ohm coil. The practical difference is subtle but noticeable and appreciated.

The third LED near the switch displays the approximate remaining battery life. Green means that more than 50 percent of the battery charge remains, blue indicates a charge of 10 percent to 50 percent, and red is a warning that the battery is about to die and a charge is needed imminently. It is a simple system, but for most users, battery life shouldn’t be an issue if the Sceptre is charged overnight.

The vape quality of the Sceptre is superb and really demonstrates how far pod systems have come in a short time. Airflow is smooth with no spitback to speak of, but it may be a bit airy for some discerning mouth-to-lung vapers, even with the airflow set to “MTL” mode. When the pod is removed, it reveals a switch with one side labeled “MTL” and the other designated “RDL.” As expected, when “RDL” mode is selected on the pod, the airflow opens up even more to accommodate direct-lung vaping. At this point, the automatic switch no longer functions, but the vapor production is significantly increased at no cost to flavor.

The overall build quality and aesthetic of the Sceptre is Innokin at its finest. It’s a heavy device with a two-tone finish that resists fingerprints, and the device as a whole feels like it could easily withstand an accidental drop. It doesn’t shake or rattle and feels like a solid piece of hardware. The design is unassuming enough to not look tacky but still looks flawless and slick up close.

The Sceptre is undoubtedly a step up from the traditional pod system in terms of complexity and features. It’s easy enough to “set and forget” just as one would with any similar device, but it also offers an elevated level of fine-tuning capability. Aside from multiple coil options, the airflow as well as the output power can be adjusted to suit most vapers’ preferences. The battery life is also a welcome upgrade, particularly among those who have become accustomed to charging a 150 mAh pod battery multiple times per day. No longer having to consider battery life throughout the day is truly a weight off users’ shoulders.

Innokin has maintained its attention to detail in designing the Sceptre, both aesthetically and functionally. Despite the weight, the rounded sides are easy to hold, and it never feels as if the Sceptre isn’t a good option to bring on the go. The pod itself is clearly marked in such a way that most vapers should be able to figure out the airflow adjustment, coil replacement and filling without even opening the instruction booklet. It’s incredibly intuitive, particularly for anyone even remotely familiar with other vapor devices.

Innokin has once again demonstrated why its products are revered as the best among the vaping community. The Sceptre offers a simple pod system with a few extra features that really set it apart from its peers. In terms of vapor, flavor and throat hit, the Sceptre is among the best in terms of performance, but it pulls ahead in terms of customization and fine-tuning.

Very few pod systems offer adjustable power and airflow without delving into “pod-mod” territory. Innokin offers these features in a familiar package that’s suited to both newcomers and veterans alike and even offers battery life comparable to much larger devices without the accompanying size or shape. It should be no surprise to anyone in the vaping community that Innokin has a clear winner in the Sceptre. It ticks all the boxes for a robust and competitive pod system and is undoubtedly a worthy upgrade.

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