Thursday, May 30, 2024

London bus shows vape advertisement from Innokin


Advertisements for electronic cigarettes have shown on London buses in Britain. And it is not the vape advertisements from British local enterprises, but the advertisements from Chinese E-cigarette enterprise Innokin.

Chinese vape company Innokin advertise on British buses, which makes the domestic e-cigarette industry tycoon in low-profile comes into the light now, which also makes other Chinese e-cigarette enterprises very surprised!

This advertising is very concise and visual impact, double-decked red body, the front of the bus door is a long banner advertising, the left side is Innokin electronic cigarette products Endura series, the ad word is written in white English capitals “Vape, Your Way”, the right side is Innokin LOGO, very eye-catching!

Many e-cigarette users were very surprised when they saw it, “Only a small number of international tobacco giants had done outdoor advertising before. I’ve never seen an advertisement for electronic cigarettes on British buses. It’s the first time I’ve seen it. It’s unusual! ”

This is really extraordinary! The products manufactured by Chinese manufacturers mainly appear as OEM brand abroad. In the mass media, especially in outdoor advertising, only the brands of international tobacco giants or local enterprises appear, and seldom the brands of domestic enterprises directly appear.

Nowadays, there are advertisements for domestic e-cigarette enterprises on British buses. On the one hand, it proves the voice and strength of domestic e-cigarette enterprises overseas. On the other hand, it shows that domestic e-cigarette enterprises attach importance to brand promotion abroad and realize local brand operation.

London, the capital of Britain, is not only the largest city in Britain and Europe, but also one of the three major international cities in the world. According to London authorities, the population of London has exceeded 8.6 million. London’s unique red double-decker bus, like London telephone booth and Buckingham Palace, has become the city’s symbol and cultural mark of London. The appearance of electronic cigarette advertisements on London buses is of great symbolic significance and influence.

The Innokin bus advertisement in Britain covers many cities and regions. According to people familiar with the situation, in addition to London, Innokin also launched more than 500 bus advertisements in seven major British cities such as Birmingham and Manchester during the same period.

There are more than 150 buses running along London streets and lanes, passing through many famous landmarks, such as London Bridge, London Eye, Trafalgar Square and other prosperous areas.

In Britain’s famous live morning news program Good Morning, Britain, you can see a bus passing behind the senior members of the European Union, and there is Innokin e-cigarette advertisement on it.

In recent days, residents or tourists in London, UK, can easily see the bus shuttle with the advertisement of Innokin vape on the street.

Britain is far ahead in the research of electronic cigarettes. Since 2015, the British Ministry of Health and the Royal Society of Internal Medicine, which has a history of 500 years, have published research reports to encourage smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes. Now there are e-cigarette advertisements on British buses, which is the proof that Britain strongly supports e-cigarettes.

China is the world’s e-cigarette production base, mainly export-oriented, 90% of the global e-cigarettes are from China, which is one of the most internationalized industries in China! But it is generally not known outside the industry. China’s vape enterprises are constantly rising, growing and surpassing overseas. This time, the famous electronic cigarette advertisements appeared on London buses in Britain, which is just a microcosm of Chinese electronic cigarette enterprises’intensive market cultivation abroad and their strategy of seizing the market.


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