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Linx pod system starter kit review – One-third price of RELX with 1 device and 2 pods


LINX, an online influencer brand, announced the release of its second generation of vape product – its third new product on May 23th. And LINX started the pre-sale and discount sales on JD and was officially launched online on May 26.

LINX vape was founded in January 2019, and was initiated by Zhang Jinyuan, the former CEO of Tongdao Uncle. The co-sponsors include Li Yan, chairman of Micromedia Holdings, Zeng Hang, Junwu sub-level CEO, Sha Xiaopi, and other well-known new media. It has completed the financing of ten million yuan by Huicai Private Capital and other institutions at present.

LINX standard set of pod vape with one device and two pods, priced at 99 yuan, when RELX is 299 yuan, 1/3 of RELX’s price. For the first time, the price of the pod vape with different pods was less than 100 yuan, which may be a signal of the price war for the electronic cigarette industry.
I got several product plans from the official.

One Device Two Cartridges Standard Kit

Extremely Simple Kit: 1 Device, Two Pods, USB Charging Line

Eight Tobacco Flavors: Classic Tobacco, Nut Tobacco, Ice Drop Coffee, Zero Black Ice
Summer green mango, lime grapefruit, green bean ice, mint cool

We got Linx vape products for the first time, and now we’ll do the unboxing review and try them out first.

I received the five cartridge kits, and the packing box is very small, the thickness is about 15 mm, which can be handheld.

Relevant product information on the back

This is the mung bean ice pod suit.

There are warnings and manufacturer information on the back of the pod, as well as nicotine content.

After randomly unpacking one package, a row of four pods.

After opening the standard package, you can see that all the items are in front of your eyes, device, charging line, and two pods. The instructions are at the bottom. Pod size is 11*7.7*101mm

The cartridge changer has two interfaces.

Tail charging interface, common USB interface, battery storage 230mAh.

Disassemble the pods and you’ll see a leak-proof cover. You can see the vape capacity. Its standard is 0.7ml.

When the leak-proof cover is removed, the pod structure can be seen. The fibre cotton core is used as the atomizing core.

Loading is very simple. Remove the leak-proof cover, push into the cartridge changing groove, and assemble it with a slight press.

Connect it with the charging cable to the computer or charging port then it can start charging. The white indicator indicates more than 50% of the electricity, if it’s blue, between 20% and 50%, and if it’s red, it’s less than 20%.

Flavors can be distinguished by the color of the pods, but they are not obvious.

It’s easier to distinguish between the color of the pods and the color of the suction nozzle. Sometimes the office worker may not know what he vapes when he is busy. but the user experience may be better if the flavors are more distinguishable.

When vaping, you can produce a larger amount of smoke when little strength in vaping. And there is the buzzing sound of pods when vaping.

Linx new cartridge charging design is very simple, good grasp feeling with texture, easy to carry, smooth vaping, rich flavors types, various choices. With its competitive price advantage of 99 yuan, this new product would go popular without doubt.

However, we haven’t tested it for enough time so we are not sure if the pods leak or not, the battery is durable or not, we’ll review it later and keep updating.
Some suggestions:
1. Packaging opening up is slightly inconvenient. It needs to be assisted by sharp tools such as scissors. Some lead like on the cigarette box packaging will facilitate users to in unboxing very much.
2. The device color is relatively single. It would be much better if it provides more fancy choices of the device, after all, not everyone likes darker colors.
3. The color distinction of the pods. If the color of the leak-proof cover and the suction nozzle can be matched, the user can easily distinguish what flavor is being used.
Off-topic remarks: China’s e-cigarette market is only 4 billion yuan at present, and the user penetration rate is less than 1%. Brands are racing around, but the core path is still offline. At present, Vapehk readers have left messages that they have found the traces of Linx in Shanghai nightclubs.

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A very cheap portable and rich flavored pod system start kit with good vaping experience.Linx pod system starter kit review - One-third price of RELX with 1 device and 2 pods