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Li Nan, Senior Vice President of Meizu, may has resigned and plans to start an enterprise to make electronic cigarettes


Recently, the news about “Li Nan, Senior Vice President of Meizu, has quit his post and plans to start an enterprise to make electronic cigarettes” has spread all over the Internet media. In this regard, mainstream media such as Sina and Phoenix have specifically contacted Meizu’s public relations department, and Meizu has not responded positively. At the same time, some curious people contacted Li Nan himself for verification. He neither denied nor admitted it, but said, “Wait a while”.

Taki CEO also reposted the news, which adds some credits to the news.

As the CMO of Meizu Company, Li Nan’s microblog about Meizu has seldom been published since March this year. In April, when Meizu 16S conference was held, Li Nan was also absent. He was replaced by Wan Zhiqiang, Assistant Vice President of Meizu and Hua Hailiang, Vice President of Meizu. Li Nan did not appear at the Meizu 16Xs Conference on May 30. Where Li Nan will go next is believed to be announced in the near future.

Li Nan, Senior Vice President of Meizu

Li Nan, born in 1978, is the chief writer of IFANR. She tracks the mobile internet all the year round. Former NEC (Tokyo, Japan) online ERP system architect, Monstar-Lab (Tokyo, Japan) mobile social and game product manager, fortunately to meet (Beijing, China) co-founder. Focusing on the Internet and writing science and technology reviews all the year round, he is the chief writer of ifanr, China’s fashion science and technology information website.

Li Nan, Senior Vice President of Meizu

On May 9, 2017, Meizu released a new organizational structure. The new organizational structure shows that Li Nan has been promoted to senior vice president of Meizu Science and Technology and President of Meizu Blue Business Department. The newly established Meizu Blue Business Department not only has important functions such as brand, market and sales, but also includes product planning functions. Adding a product planning function to the person in charge of marketing is intended to make Phantom Blue gradually be defined by brand and market, in order to enhance product differentiation and competitiveness.

On June 20, 2018, Meizu reissued its notice of organizational restructuring, appointing Li Nan as CMO and Senior Vice President of the company, responsible for marketing and business-related business, and no longer as Senior Vice President of CSO and Sales Center.

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