LCP New Opportunities- Alternative to HNB Material PEEK

LCP is not only an important material for 5G communication but also an excellent heat-resistant and fire-resistant material. It may replace PEEK as an e-cig material. Polyplastics exhibited LCP, an electronic cigarette recommended material at the rubber and plastic exhibition in 2019. This LAPEROS LCP material is not only an important material for 5G high-speed connectors and base stations, but also has the advantages of high heat resistance, high fluidity, dimensional stability and can be used in heat not burn products.

LCP Electronic Cigarette Recommended Material Exhibited by Polyplastics

Why can LCP replace PEEK? PEEK is currently used in e-cigs, mainly in HNB products, as heating plate base, atomization bin and other parts. Especially the base of the heating sheet, the material of this part mainly connects the heating sheet with the battery base below. Because the base contacts directly with the heating sheet, the high heat resistance of the material are required.

IQOS heater base with PEEK

LCP and PEEK belong to the six engineering plastics systems. They also have a series of excellent properties, such as high strength, high modulus, outstanding heat resistance, minimal linear expansion coefficient, excellent flame resistance, electricity insulation, chemical corrosion resistance, weather aging resistance, microwave transmission, and excellent processing properties.

AppearanceBeige (also white opaque solid powder)Coarse, fine and granular materials
Decomposition Temperature450℃560℃
Flame resistantUL94V-0 StandardUL94 V-0 Standard 600℃
Processing Temperature Range300~390360~400


By comparing the above data, the fire and heat resistance of LCP is close to that of PEEK, and the price of LCP is lower than that of PEEK. LCP is a kind of liquid crystal polymer, which can be divided into lyotropic liquid crystal polymer (LLCP) and thermotropic liquid crystal polymer (TLCP). TLCP is more common among them. According to the different molecular structure of TLCP, it can be further divided into type I, II and III.

Several Types of LCP

At present, the information of LCP resin manufacturers is listed below for reference. If there are any omissions or additions, please contact Vapehk.

ManufacturerBrand name
Celanese/ TiconaVectra, Zenite
Yonigiko, JapanRodrun
MITSUBISHI chemistryNovaccurate
Sumikasuper ChemicalSumikasuper
Ueno Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.UENO
Acrox, KoreaSEYANG
Shanghai Prit     —
Blonde TechnologyVicryst
Shenzhen Watt New MaterialsSELCION
Jiangmen Dezhongtai     —
Ningbo Jujia New Material     —
Nantong Haidi New Materials Co., Ltd     —

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