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Lastest Laws Affecting E-cigarettes in US


Lastest Laws Affecting Electronic-cigarettes

In us the state of Massachusetts passed a ban on e-cigarettes Friday amid a spate of deaths and injuries, and other numerous hazards linked to vaping across the country.

Eighteen cases of deaths which has been recorded in 15 states had now been positively linked to vaping since March, from a total of 1,080 illness, according to the source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Officials which are also in Connecticut also announced a further death in that state on Friday which is also linked to vaping.

Massachusetts is currently the first American state to issue an outright ban on all e-cigarette devices in September, with the prohibition to last for up to four months.

Manufacturers sought to challenge the ban in a Boston court, arguing that the law was disproportionate to the health risks concerned with the devices.

The Vapor Technology Association instead called for a limited prohibition on some products, including black market refills and devices for vaping tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary(main) psychoactive substance Contained in such as marijuana E.t.c.
But the court rejected the application made for an interim lifting of the ban, saying it would result “conflict with the public interest.”
There will be a full hearing of the case which will be held on October 15.
E-cigarettes have been made available in the US since 2006.

Initially conceived as a smoking cessation device, e-cigarette use has drastically increased among teens, with preliminary official data for 2019 showing more than a quarter of high school students using e-cigarettes in the past Month.

They were until recently perceived and reffered to as a less harmful alternative to smoking because they do not contain the 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes, dozens of which are well known to cause cancer of the lungs.

It is not clear whether the outbreak of vaping- related illnesses is only happening now, or if there were cases earlier that were not properly diagnosed.
Only one case of lung injury has been reported abroad, And also making the outbreak more mysterious.

Public and political opinion appears to be hardening Up, however, with the administration of US President Donald Trump announcing in September that there will be a ban on flavored e-cigarette products in the coming months.

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