Tonino Lamborghini SPA and Yedao Holding Limited plan to start a joint venture company

On September 6, 2019, Yedao Holding Limited reached a consensus with Tonino Lamborghini SPA, an Italian company, and Dasan Group (Nasdaq: DZSI), a Korean multinational technology group, to jointly establish TL International HK, a joint venture company responsible for product development and sales of Tonino Lamborghini brand in the Chinese market. At that time, Mr. Lamborghini himself will be the director of the company.

Tonino Lamborghini SPA is a subsidiary company of the Lamborghini family in Italy. Tonino Lamborghini, the second-generation head of the family, has established and owned the luxury brand of the same name. It has set foot in five-star hotels, high-end watches, electronic products, golf and other industries.

Yedao Group is a leading cross-border business group in China. It owns WhatsMode influencer platform, Social Eras social platform and several overseas DTC brands.

TL International HK, a new joint venture company, aims to build Tonino Lamborghini full-range electronic products including vapes with its angry bull image and high-end luxury positioning unique to the Lamborghini family.

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