Tuesday, April 16, 2024

KT & G heating non combustible product lil solid enters Ukrainian market


According to Korean business, KT & G’s heated and non combustible electronic cigarettes lil solid and cigarette bomb fit were launched in Ukraine on September 7. This is the second result of the cooperation between KT & G and Philip Morris International (PMI) following the launch of the product in Russia.

KT & G and PMI are stepping up their efforts to break into the global e-cigarette market. About three weeks after lil solid was launched in Russia on August 17, they expanded their business to Ukraine and Eastern Europe. With a population of about 42 million, Ukraine, like Russia, has many consumers interested in e-cigarettes.

It is reported that the products launched in Ukraine this time are the same as those in Russia: lil solid heaters with three colors of navy blue, white and blue, and three smoke bombs of fit regular, fit Viola and fit crisp.

Under the agreement with KT & G, PMI will use its resources, knowledge and infrastructure in the Ukrainian market to comprehensively manage product sales.

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