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Juul meets with OMB: reiterating support for tobacco 21 and accelerating the decline in underage use


On October 9, the U.S. e-cigarette brand Jul said to the outside world that, as part of its ongoing cooperation with regulators and other key stakeholders, jullabs met with the management and Budget Office (OMB) to reaffirm its support for the rapid implementation and implementation of tobacco 21 nationwide.

To win trust and re set the steam category, fighting the use of minors is the top priority for the company, Jul said, and the opportunity to discuss the importance of evidence-based interventions in addressing minors’ use is welcome.

Juul believes that tobacco 21-year-old policy is one of the most critical tobacco control strategies to combat minors’ use. That is because it directly solves the problem of social purchase, which is the biggest contributor to the country’s minor access to steam products. According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), social purchases account for about 70 to 80 per cent of the use of minors’ steam. By ensuring that all necessary federal and state resources are used for the implementation of tobacco 21 nationwide, Juul has the potential to significantly reduce the use of minors in all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes.

In addition, the 2020 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) shows that the proportion of minors using steam products has decreased significantly. Since the survey was conducted between January 2020 and March 2020, with the wide implementation of the 21 tobacco policy, tobacco 21 is likely to be an important driving force to reduce the phenomenon of smoking among minors in the survey results. While Jul is encouraged by the recent decline, jullabs believes that more can and should be done to accelerate the decline in the use of steam products by minors.

OMB enabled jullabs to provide insights on ways to further reduce the use of minors. Given that some states do not raise the minimum age for purchase to 21, we have provided ideas to support the implementation and implementation of tobacco 21 at the state level across the country. In addition, we provide information on other access controls that can be used within the category, as well as potential powerful tools that can accelerate the decline in minors’ use. Although tobacco 21 will have a significant impact, especially for social purchases, we believe that ensuring compliance with age verification requirements is essential to effectively address minors’ use.

During the discussion, jullabs submitted the following materials for public records:

EO 12866 meeting – support for nationwide implementation of federal tobacco 21

Comments on electronic nicotine transmission system (ends) and other law enforcement priorities that are considered products on the market without prior market authorization

Preliminary findings of a pilot program for a new system aimed at improving retailers’ compliance with tobacco product purchases

Institute of medicine, National Academy of Sciences: public health impact on the minimum age of legally obtaining tobacco products

Jullabs believes that national tobacco 21 can be the core of the full implementation of evidence-based tobacco control strategies to solve the problem of minors’ use. In addition to implementing T21 nationally, it is important to ensure that enforcement is effective at the new minimum age of purchase. In addition, given the development of age limited products in the retail market, we believe that FDA and other stakeholders can fundamentally change the way steam products are sold to further limit the use of minors and accelerate the decline of minors’ use.

Jul labs remains committed to resetting the steam category and working with key stakeholders to combat minors’ use and to transition adult smokers from combustible cigarettes. As part of the process, the company reduced its portfolio, stopped television, printing and digital product advertising, and filed pre market tobacco product applications to the FDA, including comprehensive scientific evidence to support its products and data driven potential for harm reduction measures for less than a decade.

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