Monday, May 20, 2024

Italy Factory That Smuggles E-liquid Is Seized by Police


It is reported that the two Chinese factories are located in the Melito area of Naples. Tax police inspected the two factories and found that they did not have customs permits from purchasing pure liquid nicotine to selling products. They purchased them from China at a unit price of 50 to 60 euros per liter and proved the source of these “essential oils” with false documents.

The police found at least 36 liters of concentrated nicotine vape juice in the factory, which could produce tens of thousands of electronic cigarettes. Police also found 26 black workers in Chinese factories.

Italy’s tax law on fumes expressly stipulates a tax of 0.3976 euros per milliliter, and the price of e-liquid containing nicotine is about 500 to 600 euros per liter on average. Italy is the first country to levy taxes on e-cigarettes, which levies 12 billion euros a year on vape juice.

Italy Factory That Smuggles E-liquid Is Seized by Police

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Reported that the two Chinese factories skilfully avoided the Italian tax policy through smuggling and poured undocumented vape juice into the whole European market for huge profits.

At present, the police have seized the two Chinese factories, and the Chinese involved have also been prosecuted by the police.

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