Thursday, May 23, 2024

IQOS ILUMA BRIGHT: Limited Edition for Smoke-free Society


According to a report from Japanese media outlet mynavi on September 14th, Philip Morris Japan (PMI Japan) will be launching a limited edition IQOS device called ILUMA BRIGHT starting from September 28th.

Before the product launch event, the company held the “PMI Japan New Product Launch Event”.

Daniel Sevsek, the product portfolio manager of the company, gave a speech at the press conference, introducing the product portfolio of IQOS ILUMA series, which is aimed at achieving a “smoke-free society”. He also provided business updates for the 2023 quarter and announced the limited edition IQOS ILUMA.

Daniel emphasized that in order to achieve the goal of a “smoke-free society,” the IQOS ILUMA series has been expanded through various product combinations in the two years since its launch in 2021. Now, “TEREA” has introduced 21 options and “SENTIA” has expanded to 13 options. This provides people who are already using the IQOS ILUMA series with new choices.

The number of IQOS users has increased to 27.2 million people.

According to the latest report from Philip Morris International (PMI), as of June 2023, there are approximately 27.2 million global IQOS users, representing an increase of around 1.4 million users from the first quarter of 2023. Of these users, approximately 72% or 19.4 million individuals have completely switched to PMI’s smoke-free products.

One reason for the increase in user numbers is the expansion of the product line, while another reason is the promotion of IQOS ILUMA in various countries and regions.

In the second quarter of 2023, the promotion was expanded to six new countries and regions, bringing the total to 23 countries and regions by the end of June 2023. As of this year, the sales target is to expand the promotion to 50 countries and regions.

Heated tobacco products account for 35% of the market share.

Currently, heat-not-burn cigarettes account for over 35% of the tobacco market in Japan, with IQOS leading the way in its growth. In order to further accelerate the move towards a “smoke-free society,” a limited edition IQOS ILUMA BRIGHT will be released first in Japan.

The limited edition product, named “Colorful Positive Energy, Presented to You”, is designed to elevate the positioning of IQOS ILUMA with its vibrant colors and elegant silver accents.

The suggested retail price for “IQOS ILUMA PRIME BRIGHT” is 9,980 yen, “IQOS ILUMA BRIGHT” is 6,980 yen, and “IQOS ILUMA ONE BRIGHT” is 3,980 yen, which is the same as the regular models. IQOS online and offline stores will start selling from September 28th, and major convenience stores and some tobacco shops nationwide will start selling from October 17th.

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