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SnowPlus world first invisible aerosol vape – Vaping while not seen

Less smoke, less interruption


We’ve seen 10 thousand similar pod systems in different clothes. Regarding this,

what we’ll bring today is a totally different pod system with invisible aerosol while vaping.

After the e-coffee thing, SnowPlus launched a new invisible vape on August 6. From now on, the product will be pre-sold in major e-commerce platforms.

This innovative product is dedicated to reducing the environmental interruption of electronic cigarettes and eliminating visible second-hand smoke. This breakthrough not only indicates that the trend of global e-cigarette consumption is changing, but also indicates that the atomization technology industry will enter the era of less interruption.

Mouth To Lung Vaping
Mouth To Lung Vaping = Visible aerosol
Direct To Lung Vaping = Inisible aerosol
Direct To Lung Vaping = Invisible aerosol

Less Smoke, Less Interruption

SnowPlus creates the concept of Less Smoke, Less Interruption for 4 reasons:

1.Product: this product is committed to reducing the interruptions created by electronic cigarettes, vaping without bothering anyone. In addition to 0 tar, 0 carbon dioxide, it even eliminated the visible second-hand smoke.

2. Social: the original intention of this product is to change people’s impression of smoking and make it a better thing to take care of others’ feelings. SNOWPLU believes that smoking should not be neglected behavior today. Diversity among people should be based on mutual respect.

3. Consumer culture: electronic cigarettes have been misunderstood as inducing teenagers to smoke. Therefore, SnowPlus hopes to be able to have such a product, on the one hand, it meets the user’s personal experience and satisfaction, on the other hand, it does not produce more obvious behavioral inducement. Especially for avoiding creating a bad model for young people.

4. Health: SnowPlus is committed to caring for consumers and improving their health and safety. On the premise of retaining the real smoking experience, the active ingredients in SnowPlus invisible vapor can be excreted through normal metabolism without leaving harmful substance residues, which is safer and healthier.

In the future, SnowPlus will continue to expand the electronic cigarette series through continuous technological innovation. At present, SnowPlus has established two R&D bases in the United States and Shenzhen. It is expected that by the end of 2019, SnowPlus will become the top selling brand in China’s atomization technology industry and get in the first rank in the global atomization technology field.

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