Thursday, May 30, 2024

Investigation into US Soldiers Smuggling Marijuana through Military Packages


According to The Wall Street Journal’s report on September 21, Korean authorities are currently investigating 17 US soldiers and five other suspects. These individuals are suspected of smuggling or using synthetic marijuana through military parcels.

Earlier, in May, at least two US military bases were subjected to unexpected searches, including the largest overseas base, Camp Humphreys.

A Filipino and a Korean citizen have been arrested, and prosecutors are currently reviewing the cases of all 22 suspects. An investigation lasting four months was initiated by Korean authorities following a report from the United States Army’s law enforcement agency.

According to the American media, quoting top South Korean investigator Cha Min-sik, this is one of the biggest cases involving US soldiers in recent years.

The South Korean police and the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division conducted a joint raid, discovering 77 grams (2.7 ounces) of synthetic marijuana, over 4 kilograms of “mixed e-liquid” intended for e-cigarettes, and a total of $12,850 (approximately 94,000 Chinese yuan) in cash at the homes of 22 suspects.

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