Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Indonesia Passes Law to Regulate E-cigarette Industry


According to a report by Indonesian media VIVA on August 31st, the Indonesian Parliament (DPR) recently passed the “Health Law No. 17 of 2023”. This law is seen as providing legal certainty for the e-cigarette industry, as it categorizes e-cigarettes as addictive substances.

The Chairman of the Indonesian Electronic Nicotine Industry Alliance (APPNINDO), Teguh Basuki A Wibowo, has expressed that including e-cigarettes as a part of the legal framework for solid and liquid tobacco products not only legalizes participants in the industry but also helps Indonesian smokers find alternatives.

Tagu explained that this law also provides the public with greater freedom of choice to determine alternative products under legal protection.

We look forward to the government formulating e-cigarette industry-related policies based on scientific evidence in the future.

He further stated that this law puts Indonesia on an equal footing with other countries that have similar legislative frameworks regarding e-cigarettes, such as the Philippines and the United Kingdom. These countries have regulations in place for the distribution and quality of e-cigarettes, restricting their consumption to adults only.

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