Thursday, May 23, 2024

In-depth Interviews and Market Insights from IEICE E-cigarette Expo


The IEICE e-cigarette exhibition was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from August 3rd to 5th. As the official media partner of this event, 2FIRSTS went on site to conduct in-depth interviews with key participating companies and promptly report on first-hand market information obtained at the exhibition. On the last day of the exhibition, 2FIRSTS interviewed HAN, the manager of the e-cigarette brand ReFRE5H.

Presentation of research and local flavors.

HAN provided a detailed account of their research and development process. In the past year, ReFRE5H conducted an extensive survey of e-cigarette users in Indonesia and explored local flavors prevalent in the country.

It believes that incorporating local flavors into products such as iced tea, pandan, lemonade ice, and passion fruit ice can provide users with a unique experience.

In addition, the price of the product has also been taken into consideration, adjusted based on the existing disposable pod prices in the Indonesian market. ReFRE5H is well aware of the impact of taxes on product prices, therefore this factor has also been fully considered when determining the pricing.

Unique Market Strategy

In the Indonesian e-cigarette market, HAN emphasizes its focus on the retail sector. Currently, its products have been introduced in dozens of malls in Jakarta, and the company is continuously expanding its presence.

In addition, HAN stated that ReFRE5H has distributors across the country, from Aceh to Papua, who sell their products through storytelling and other methods related to the e-cigarette experience.

While they also sell on online platforms such as Tokopedia, Shopee, and Blibli, they stated that offline sales still account for the majority.

Regulatory Policy and Future Outlook

Regarding Indonesia’s regulatory policies, HAN believes that restrictions on milliliter liquids are beneficial.

These restrictions aid in stabilizing market circulation while also potentially controlling the market through tax adjustments in the future.

He stated that for disposable e-cigarette merchants, these regulations can maintain market equilibrium.

HAN remarks on the future prospects of the e-cigarette market in Indonesia, stating that an increasing number of young people aspire to embrace simple rather than complex habits, which will consequently prompt a shift towards disposable e-cigarettes.

ReFRE5H maintains a positive outlook on the market, especially in light of the increasing influx of disposable e-cigarette products into the Indonesian market.

In regards to future development plans, HAN stated that they will adopt a strategy of gradual expansion. They will gradually introduce different series of Indonesian flavors, offering consumers a greater variety of choices.


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