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Original speaker designer IMU launches new vape series – Is the vape easier to produce than the speaker now?


IMU held a new product launch in Shenzhen Science Park on the afternoon of June 5. A series of new products of pod vapes were officially unveiled, including IMU pod system, wine bottles shapped disposable electronic cigarettes and subversive products- mouth fragrance device, which are very competitive. IMU new product conference attracted many media reporters and friends inside and outside the circle.

IMU vape product launch

imu vape product launch
IMU vape product launch

Pod systems have quickly won the favor and recognition of consumers at home and abroad with its advantages of great nicotine strength created by nicotine salt, compact & portable design, various flavors and super convenient user experience in the past two years. Now it replaces box mod vapes as the hottest new investment and entrepreneurship product in electronic cigarette field. As of Q2 in 2019, more than 20 capital investment institutions and companies are competing to invest in the electronic cigarette industry. Nearly 80 new brands have come onto the stage. As many as 200 pod vape products have been poured into the market, which creates a prosperous scene of the wildly growing vape industry.

imu pod system

Nevertheless, the serious phenomenon of plagiarism, counterfeiting and homogenization have long been criticized by the pod vape market. And original classics are scarce and few.

imu pod system

What’s valuable is that there are still some enterprises insisting on originality, innovation and quality, and devote themselves to creating different pod vapes. IMU is exactly one of them.

imu pod system
IMU pod system

IMU pod system, with the nozzle shape of lips, looks very attractive & sexy. The shell metal is anodized by aluminum alloy and electroplated by zinc alloy. And its biggest merit lies in the customizable acrylic color pattern shell. With in-mold injection molding technology, the space for cross-border cooperation with major brands is reserved. It can also be customized to gifts of other major industries with a deep foresight.

IMU wine bottle shaped pod vape
IMU wine bottle shaped pod vape

In addition, IMU pod system uses a four-fold protective design to prevent e juice leakage of pods, which basically ends the leakage. The package contains four flavors: classic tobacco, refreshing mint, watermelon ice and mung bean ice, while its original Chinese medicine almond oil mint formula without nicotine salt, has the effect of clearing the throat and clearing the lung.

IMU wine bottle shaped pod vape

imu pod system

IMU pod system has one device plus three pods, priced at 269 yuan ($40, like RELX), three cartridges pack has the price of 79 yuan ($12). This price is common in pod vape category.

mouth aroma device
Mouth fragrance device

At the press conference, IMU marketing manager revealed , “IMU electronic cigarettes cooperate with international leading powerful electronic cigarette factories to ensure product quality and productivity, and to avoid many patent risks. Among them, its vape juice is in cooperation with the listed company Boton Group, and the quality is ensured.”

According to the source, IMU Company was founded at the end of 2006, is a brand company dedicated to original digital products for 12 years. The company’s most famous product series is the twelve zodiac series speakers, one each year, and they made twelve. In 2016, IMU lists in the New Three Boards as the first share of smart hardware and original digital stock. At present, it sells to 2,000 gift companies in China, and covers more than 3,000 3C digital retail stores.

reddot design award

The most exciting news at the press conference is that these two original electronic cigarette products have received the nomination from the organizing committee of the German Reddot Design Award at the end of April, and both of them have entered the final selection of the Red Dot Design Award. At least one of the 2 products will win this award in early July. This will be the first German Reddot Design Award this year in vape field.

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