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IJOY CAPTAIN RESIN mod vape kit review


IJOY is an electronic cigarette manufacturer that likes to use 20700 as the main battery. Its CAPTAIN PD270 attracted high attention in the vaping circle upon the time of its listing. Now I share with you the latest IJOY 20700 package product CAPTAIN RESIN, to see what is different from the previous PD270.

Since the design of CAPTAIN RESIN is very similar to that of PD270, many friends may mistake it as a special limited version of PD270 Resin, but from the highest output, you can know that RESIN is 200 W while PD270 is 234 W.

As shown above, besides the difference of maximum power, RESIN using 20700 as battery scheme has a similar appearance to PD270, and the size of the body is exactly the same as 89X48X32MM. The adjustment button of RESIN has also changed into a circular shape.

The shell is made of zinc alloy and resin material. Besides the advantages of weight, it also gets the unique feel of resin. The resin stylish texture is unique. With the seven-color electroplating process on zinc alloy surface, RESIN has a very trendy look, which also conforms to the advocacy style of the mod vape party.

Returning to battery settings, 20700 will certainly have more obvious advantages than 18650 if high power output is used. There is no doubt about the stability of both the endurance and the voltage output. However, it is worth mentioning that the factory’s “CAPTAIN RESIN” package does not contain batteries and 18650 battery converter.

The large 28MM diameter complete product atomizer also uses a large amount of resin material, and can choose the size of the tank to match to get 4.5 or 6ML capacity. Although the two coil cores are set by different data, their resistance values are 0.2 ohms, which is consistent with the official best output suggestion of 40-80W.

Push-type juice injection nozzle design is very convenient to experience in use. Although there are certain differences in taste between single and double coil cores, the characteristics of coil cores are still very obvious. With only 45-50W output, we can feel its fast heating ability, delicate vapor and strong flavor purifying ability.

Output mode: power/temperature control (NI/TI/SS)/TCR/curve, resistance support: 0.05-3.0 ohms, USB support: fast charging/firmware upgrade. The chip capability of the device is roughly the same as that of the PD270. It is an omnipotent product in today’s mod vape kit. It has reached the level of no bottleneck in terms of power output size and function setting.

CAPTAIN RESIN is the bests choice of mod vape kits with both strong strength and various colors. But compared with PD270 launched before, IJOY CAPTAIN RESIN is almost a twin brothers’relationship except for the slight difference of the highest power. Perhaps RESIN is a product not aimed at the previous PD270 users.

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IJOY CAPTAIN RESIN is a mod vape with great battery capacity, colorful and fancy resin appearance, great voltage output and professional coil design. Though it's very similar to CAPTAIN PD270 except for the output, it's a box mod kit worth buying.IJOY CAPTAIN RESIN mod vape kit review