ICE Youth Edition pod system review

Appearance: Last time I experienced some unsatisfactory features of the previous generation of ICE starter kit products. This time I received a new product from the brand. The overall appearance of the product is simple and concise. There are no highlights on the packaging of the Youth version. The traditional box & cover, 1 device and 1 USB cable. The device shell is made of aluminum alloy, and the thickness of the shell has exceeded 7 mm. It can compare it to the iPod Touch4, whose thickness is 7.2mm. This design also spares lots of effort to put the battery circuit module in such a thin and light body. 8/10.ICE Youth Edition pod system review

Taste & flavor: The ICE Youth Edition kit received this time comes with a lemon-mint cartridge, the cartridge uses a ceramic core, each cartridge contains 1ml of e-liquid, and the resistance of the heating wire is 1.4 ohms.

Lemon mint flavor: nicotine content 30mg / ml, moderate throat hit. The first thing I have to say is that there is almost no lemon taste inside. After carefully tasting the first two mouthfuls, there seems to be a little bit of lemon soda, which will not be reflected in the back. Mint is relatively pure, with a slightly herbal flavor, refreshing coolness, and the coolness is mainly concentrated in the back jaw and throat, which is relatively cool, and is very suitable for summer heat relief. 7/10ICE Youth Edition pod system review

Leakage: There is no leakage before the cartridge is unpacked, and the cartridge body is marked with the corresponding taste. No vape juice leakage has been encountered. 10/10

Condensate: It is important to take the correct posture. Do not lie on the bed when vaping and hold the pod upside down. This is the common sense of smoking pod vapes. Basically, no condensate was found. 10/10

Spit back: No spit back. 10/10ICE Youth Edition pod system review

Burnt core: normal frequency continuous vaping hasn’t led to this. 10/10

Battery life: The battery capacity of the device is 280 mAh, and the Micro-USB charging interface is used. It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge. 7/10ICE Youth Edition pod system review


The body is quite thin, and the overall weight is light, which is more perfect than the previous generation. Because of the extremely thin and light positioning, some battery life is lost, but considering the positioning of 99 yuan per kit, it is completely acceptable, the price-friendly nature makes it affordable to starters. The taste is not amazing, but there is no mistake. In general, it is a product with a good price/performance ratio. 7.5 / 10

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