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How long can CBD stay in your body?


How long can CBD stay in your body?

People with serious illnesses want CBD to stay in the body longer so that they can get rid of the painful symptoms. But how long can CBD stay in the body? There is no exact answer to this question. Because the impact of CBD on human body depends on the following factors:

1. Frequency of use

2. Dose

3. Intake mode

4. The Gene Composition of Consumers

Some people worry that CBD will fail in drug testing. CBD testing of cannabis crops is usually followed by another component, THC. Therefore, consumers need to ensure that they purchase pure CBD products from reputable businesses.


How long does it take for CBD to work?

Every CBD consumer expects immediate results after ingestion. The effect of CBD on users depends on many factors. Some factors can be controlled by human beings. Similarly, some factors are difficult to change.

1. After taking the medicine, the efficacy of CBD can affect the human body through the sublingual mucosa within 3-5 minutes, because CBD can enter blood quickly through the sublingual mucosa.

2. It takes more time (about 20 minutes on an empty stomach) to feel the effect of CBD.
(In addition, the amount of food and user genome composition are also important factors affecting CBD working time.)


Types of CBD Products

Now, if you want to get CBD in your daily life, there will always be a product that can satisfy you. CBD consumption has now reached a new level: candy, vape, bottled water and many other products.

In fact, Coca-Cola has expressed its intention to enter the industrial cannabis industry, which means it may introduce a beverage containing CBD ingredients.

Below are some CBD consumer goods and their satisfaction to different consumers’ needs.



edible hemps

Food is the first necessity of the people. Is there a better way to consume CBD than eating? Most CBD products have an offensive taste. And most people who have eaten CBD food say it has a very strong soil taste. In fact, manufacturers take advantage of CBD products to ensure that people do not mistake their daily dose. For patients with chronic diseases requiring effective treatment, it is also natural to choose CBD food. In this case, the doctor will advise the patient to take CBD food alone on an empty stomach. This ensures that cannabis bisphenol absorption is not affected by other nutrients.


CBD tincture

Cannabis tincture

The tincture is a kind of herbal medicine which is extracted and dissolved in relevant solvents. Therefore, CBD tincture is the product of extracting CBD components and dissolving them in vegetable glycerin, alcohol, vinegar or other solutions. Since the birth of CBD tincture, the main way of CBD absorption is through oral mucosa. In order to maximize its absorption and efficacy, it is necessary to apply the sublingual intake way instead of direct swallowing.


Vape juice

Vapes have become very popular in recent years, which has also led to a sharp increase in the demand for vape juice or e-liquids. It is behind this demand that various vape juice manufacturers compete to produce new e-liquids products to improve their competitiveness. Vapors containing CBD through the atomization of vapes could be vapor’s most habitual and comfortable way.

There is evidence that one of the best ways to use CBD is through inhalation. CBD can quickly enter the blood through the respiratory system.


Oral spray

Oral spray

What’s the most refreshing way to use CBD? That’s the oral spray. A very simple way of using this is the reason why spray is popular. The oral spray can be absorbed faster than CBD food. And in order to make them taste less strange, natural spices are added to these sprays. Like CBD tincture, the quickest way to get CBD into blood is to spray it under the tongue.


Ointment essential oil

Ointment essential oil

People seem to be looking for new ways to take in CBD every day. Some ways seem unusual, but if they can achieve their goals, why not try them? After all, CBD uptake depends entirely on results.

Some people suffer from joint pain, muscle pain, or skin diseases. One thing in common for all these diseases is that oral intake is not the best way. Ointment containing CBD grease, ointment products that can be smeared can also be the best solution. Because cannabinoid receptors exist in the skin, and CBD can directly act on the skin, which can produce a therapeutic effect directly.


So, what’s the best way to take in CBD?

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