Friday, April 19, 2024

Health Group Wants Irish Government to Impose E-Cig Tax


The Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) wants the Irish government to impose an excise tax of $.06 per millilitre of e-liquid. It is expected to add a possible 10-25 percent to the consumer’s price.

The IHF is also asking that the budget increase the price of the most popular price category of cigarettes from €13.70 to €20 through a series of annual tax increases. Chris Macey, head of advocacy at the IHF, said that a larger tax increase on tobacco would help deter vapers from switching back to smoking.

Macey argued that branding that features cartoon characters, flavors such as cotton candy and bubblegum, paired with aggressive marketing tactics on social media platforms used by teenagers, show this claim is “preposterous.”

Macey added that studies showed that tax increases on e-cigarettes had proven to be effective in reducing youth use.

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