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Global e-cigarette market is recovering in 2020


At present, many practitioners are pessimistic about the prospect of e-cigarettes and issue pessimistic remarks from time to time. In fact, the industry’s development situation is already improving.

Time is the best medicine. After more than a month of market negative information and policy digestion, the market gradually returned to rationality. At present, the global e-cigarette market is fully recovering.

In early December, the news of the recovery of the US electronic cigarette market was reported, and there were three reasons for the recovery of the US electronic cigarette market. At that time, it was the medium and large e-cigarette factories that said the market was picking up, and the small and medium e-cigarette factories also shows the sign of a pick up. Now, not only orders for large and medium-sized e-cigarette factories have increased, but orders for small and medium-sized factories have begun to increase.

Global e-cigarette market is recovering in 2020

We asked several small and medium-sized e-cigarette factories, all said that orders have increased significantly. Some small and medium-sized manufacturers said that although it is not booming, and there are not many orders like September, but it has improved significantly compared with November.

International logistics/freight companies also stated that orders to the United States, Britain, France, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries have increased significantly. Especially in the Middle East market, the growth rate is extremely fast.

Since October, the e-cigarette industry has been turbulent, with global blockades, investigations to vape giants, lung disease incidents, flavor ban, and domestic online bans … Negative news has come one after another. Even the UK, France and other countries that have the best atmosphere are affected.

In particular, the United States, Japan, and South Korea were the most affected, and China vape exports fell the most. US exports fell by nearly 50%, and Japan and South Korea fell by nearly 30%. But for the Middle East market, it has not been affected, especially the United Arab Emirates, which has experienced extremely rapid growth.

After the legalization of e-cigarette sales in Dubai in April 2019, driven by major brands and exhibition organizers, the e-cigarette market in the Middle East has received increasing attention. March 2020 Dubai e-cigarette show is a key battle in emerging markets.

It is understood that well-known brands such as SMOK, Innokin, Siglei, Hangsen, and Flow have begun to arrange the Middle East market and have participated in the Dubai Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in March 2020 to seize market opportunities.

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