Thursday, May 23, 2024

Foreign Driver Arrested with 39870 Untaxed E-cigarettes in Greece


Recently, according to Greek media outlet xronos, a foreign driver was arrested by the police at a border checkpoint in Greece for violating Greek customs regulations. Law enforcement officials discovered 39,870 untaxed and duty-unpaid e-cigarettes in his car.

The operation was carried out with the assistance of officers from the Drama City Police Department and the Customs Department of Drama City in Greece. According to police sources, the foreign suspect arrived in Greece driving a truck and attempted to enter the country. The authorities conducted a thorough inspection of the vehicle.

The police discovered 3987 boxes, totaling 39870 e-cigarettes, inside a vehicle warehouse. These e-cigarettes have not paid the corresponding domestic taxes and duties.

The police investigation has also revealed that the local recipient in Greece has failed to pay the corresponding taxes and duties, thus making him a subject of the ongoing investigation.

According to the authorities, the confiscated e-cigarettes and the truck will be seized. The arrested suspects will be handed over to the prosecutor at the Delama City Criminal Court, while the investigation will be conducted by officers from the Delama City Police Department.

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