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Fake vape toxic makes two children faint, black shop owner compensates them three thousand yuan


Operating e-cigarettes near small and medium-sized schools and selling e-cigarettes to minors is a smearing of the vape industry, seriously affecting the reputation of the vape industry!

But there is still bad businesses man, just caring about their own interests, selling fake electronic cigarettes to children!

According to Shaodong City Management Comprehensive Remediation Report, on July 4, Shaodong County Food and Drug Industry and Commerce Quality Supervision Bureau Fire Factory Ping successfully handled a consumer dispute over the purchase and use of fake vape by minors.

After receiving a complaint from the parents of the students, they claimed that their two children purchased vapes at a toy store near the school. After use, they developed symptoms such as dizziness and diarrhea.

The law enforcement officers of the institute conducted a surprise inspection on the toy store, and the store did not apply for a business license, illegally engaged in the sale and operation of toys, and filed a case investigation. The site was detained with 7 bottles of suspected outer packaging without a logo, no factory name, no clear indication. The production date and the use of the fake vape juice and 13 vape articles.

Fake vape toxic makes two children faint, black shop owner compensates them three thousand yuan

The law enforcement officers conducted mediation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Measures for Handling Consumer Complaints by the Administration for Industry and Commerce. The two parties reached an agreement, and the owner of the toy store returned the money on the spot and compensated for medical expenses and inspection fees totaling 3,340 yuan.

The law enforcement personnel of Shaodong County Food and Drug Administration has urged schools and parents to strengthen correct guidance, enhance the identification and prevention capabilities of minors, and work together to eliminate the physical and mental harm of electronic cigarettes to minors. At the same time, it also said that it will continue to strengthen the rectification of the vape sales market and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The Ultimate Bane of the Vaping Industry

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