Thursday, May 23, 2024

Exposing the Hazards of Counterfeit E-Cigarettes: A Shocking Video


According to a report by the Daily Mail on August 5th, a video has emerged showing workers testing e-cigarettes by smoking them inside a factory, revealing the dangers of counterfeit e-cigarettes. ELFBAR, the e-cigarette company, has stated that the factory in the video “does not belong to ELFBAR and has no connection with ELFBAR.

This video footage from last year has rapidly circulated over the past few months, revealing male workers “testing” dozens of products before they are packaged and wrapped at disposableELFBAR, a knockoff manufacturer.

ELFBAR spokesperson told the Daily Mail:

ELFBAR takes pride in delivering high-quality products to users worldwide. However, certain unethical manufacturers are producing and promoting counterfeit e-cigarettes for their own gain, which poses a threat to the reputation of the entire industry and user safety.

ELFBAR has stated that, in order to address this issue further, they have been consistently taking action against illegal e-cigarettes, developing intelligence files to track counterfeit products, and updating them on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, users can verify the authenticity of the product on our global official website through a unique security code.

The spokesperson also stated that shortly after receiving a letter from ELFBAR’s legal team, the pirated factory was promptly shut down.

In November of last year, the CEO of ELFBAR, Victor Xiao, stated:

If consumers were to see the manufacturing conditions of these products, they would be rightfully shocked. The criminals behind these counterfeit products show no concern for product safety or consumer health, prioritizing profit maximization above all else.

This video has led ELFBAR to share images and videos of the operating methods of their official factory.

Video footage shows workers in clean factory wearing white protective suits and gloves. E-cigarettes are being tested using machines.

The newly assembled products are placed in a suction device that pulls on them for approximately one second to ensure they function properly.

ELBAR announced on its website that it launched an anti-counterfeit operation in June 2021, aiming to identify and shut down counterfeit factories.

ELFBAR states in a statement:

The culprits responsible for manufacturing these counterfeit products evade any responsibility for product safety or consumer well-being, as they prioritize profit maximization above all else. We cannot stand idly by while counterfeit products flourish and tarnish the reputation of legitimate manufacturers, while also posing significant risks to consumer safety.


Do you know the origin of your e-cigarette? A disturbing video has surfaced, revealing workers at a counterfeit factory testing Elf Bars and handling mouthpieces without wearing gloves. This shocking footage sheds light on the dubious realm of counterfeit vaping products.

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