Thursday, June 20, 2024

EVOVE gives away 100,000 vape pods in China


EVOLVE, aka 亿雾 has given away 100,000 vape pens in China. In order to test if the campaign is honest or not, the author filled in its official form for the gift. Luckily, he got a small vape pod in this campaign.

evcve evove

The delivery package arrived at the home of the author then found a ¥ 30 coupon for buying a ¥ 999.00 vape pen.  However, not disappointed at all, he got a bottle of Mung bean paste taste e-liquid vape pod worth 70 yuan.

evcve evove evcve evove evcve evove

evcve evove

This vape juice is 100% like Mung bean paste taste. When the author opened this box, box is full of Mung bean paste smell and when he vapes it, the room is full of Mung bean paste smell. And he becomes a vaping Mung bean.

You have to admit its smell is really delicious that you even want to drink it up before you know its a bottle of vape juice. The nicotine quantity is 50mg and its nicotine smell is as strong as a real cigarette.

It must have some advanced technology to produce this vape pod. Awesome!

The downside is the vape pod’s smoke or vapor is not enough. You need to vape hard to produce enough vapor, not like the traditional cigarette, with only light inhalation and you get a large quantity of smoke.

What’s more, it has e juice leakage problem like Relx. After 1 day normal use and carry it in the pocket, the author’s pocket is full of Evove e juice, awful!


This Evove vape pod is worth tasting though it has some defects.

English site:

To get the latest trends from Evove, please scan the code of the vape juice packing box above.

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