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EVOVE leader says the war on vapes will come in the middle of year 2019


SALT LABS since 2015, launched its first electronic cigarette product, EVOVE Lite cartridge-changing vape on April 12.

evcve lite

The Salt Labs company launched its first electronic cigarette brand, EVOVE in October of last year in the UK. Within six months, the total sales volume of Evove has exceeded 20 million yuan, and the overseas market accounts for more than 20%.

According to Luo Feng, vice president of Evove, Evove currently has a 55% online and offline repurchase rate, and has developed online and offline distribution channels in 20 countries, including Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, and nearly 100 cities in 15 provinces in China. And Evove planned to double the amount of its sales channels in 2019.

Regarding the threshold of vapes, Liu Jihui, founder and CEO of Evove, said that the threshold of vape industry is mainly reflected in the vape cartridge part. The so-called low threshold outside refers more to the e-cig body part. “The threshold of the body part is really not high, but in the e juice part, the threshold of the e liquid and atomizer part is actually very high. Only a few companies can do it well in this 2 parts.”

Salt Labs received 5 million yuan of angel round financing from Bopai Capital in 2016, and became the first electronic cigarette manufacturer getting the investment from the domestic institutions. In order to make a good vape cartridge, Evove spent more than two years developing the basic technology without blindly putting products on the shelves in 2016-2018.

evove lite

The new product EVOVE lite takes 3 years to realize the button free device in appearance & design. And it uses air switch induction to provide medical grade PC rod material. It is also equipped with self-developed NicSalt T2 nicotine salt formula to better simulate the taste of “real cigarette“. At the same time, EVOVE Lite also customized and developed four anti-leakage designs, such as magic cube ceramics high-efficiency e liquid locking technology, to solve the problems of burnt core and e juice leakage. EVOVE Lite’s built-in 280 mAh battery provides about 300 puffs at full power.

According to Liu Jihui, the majority of users of Evove are smokers aged 20-35. Aiming at the trendy characteristics of young people, Evove also launched BranD x EVOVE, with an internationally renowned fashion design magazine BranD. The Evolution Series product is an joint effort from Evove and BranD.

evove branD

As to the change of electronic cigarette industry after 315 Party, Luo Feng mentioned at the product launch that Evove will unswervingly support the government to strengthen the control policy on the use/purchase of electronic cigarette products by minors, and he appeals to major manufacturers to join in the activity and take the initiative to rebuild the image of the entire electronic cigarette industry in the form of compliance and self-regulation.

On how to identify minors, Liu Jihui talked about two aspects: first, offline channels, Evove will explicitly put forward in the distributor’s distribution agreement, and implement the way of identifying sellers’ information; second, online customer service verification is mainly used, compared with offline loopholes. Liu Jihui said he hoped that e-commerce platforms such as Tianmao and Jingdong could provide some technical assistance.

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Finally, talking about the possible war in the electronic cigarette industry, Liu Jihui believes that the war will begin after the first half of this year, and will become more and more fierce.

When the vape starts, the vape price will drop significantly and the resellers and customers will benefit from it a lot.

As to Evove, it will take the road of succeeding by product and strive to be the top three in electronic cigarette industry in 2019. Luo Feng revealed that besides EVOVE Lite, Evove will launch another new product in September, which will be a new independent series.

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