Thursday, May 23, 2024

Endexx Corporation’s HYLA Secures $2.0M Order from Sahara Trading


According to reports, Endexx Corporation announced on August 9th that its zero-nicotine e-cigarette brand HYLA has secured a purchase order of $2 million in the Middle East market.

This procurement order originated from the eight-country territorial agreement signed with Sahara Trading UAE in the Middle East region in June 2023. The unit production of the first order is scheduled to commence this weekend, and the first batch is expected to be shipped out in September 2023.

CEO of HYLA, Nick Mehdi, expressed his satisfaction with the distribution agreement announced by Sahara Trading UAE, as we continue to expand our global distribution network. He further noted that we anticipate obtaining more orders in the coming quarters through additional procurement agreements signed with Sahara Trading.

Endexx CEO Davis stated, “Our international distribution partners continue to show strong demand for Endexx’s nicotine-free, plant-based HYLA e-cigarette products.” He added, “Since acquiring HYLA in August 2022, sales have steadily increased, and we are now witnessing the rapid expansion of this product into new global markets.

According to previous reports, Endexx Corporation, an innovative supplier of plant-based health and nutrition products, has signed a distribution agreement with HYLA on June 15th for eight countries in the Middle East. Sahara Trading will be responsible for organizing and leading the distribution in the region, with plans to sell at least 100,000 e-cigarettes per month.

HYLA, the leading provider of mobile phone trade-in solutions, has recently revealed an exclusive distribution agreement with Sahara Trading UAE. This contract will allow Sahara Trading UAE to distribute HYLA’s innovative mobile phone trade-in platform and services across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). HYLA’s state-of-the-art technology enables customers to easily trade in their old smartphones for credit towards purchasing new devices. This partnership with Sahara Trading UAE marks a significant milestone for HYLA as it expands its presence in the UAE market and strengthens its position as a global leader in mobile phone trade-ins.

Endexx, a leading provider in the cannabis industry, has recently announced that it has successfully secured a significant purchase order worth $2.0 million for their non-nicotine vape product known as HYLA. This purchase order has been received from Sahara Trading, a prominent company based in the United Arab Emirates.

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