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1 skill to keep you away from e liquid leaking – did you stuff up your cotton ?


Is your cotton really stuffed up? 99% newbies ignore this.

When the e juice is leaking. Is your cotton really ready?

This is a very painful topic.

This problem not only bothers you

It’s also bothering the author, Jesse, the old vaper

Bitter e liquid leaking

What’s the biggest problem causing the most painful headache with electronic cigarettes? Of course, it’s the e lilquid leaking…

When you take out the gadget to prepare a perfect pose around people, you find that the atomizer is leaking.

It’s disgusting to smear your clothes, let alone the full of hands of oil.

It happens when there is no paper towel… Ruthlessly embarrassed.

I believe you and Jesse are quietly alike, wipe them on the pants.

Then I feel a pain in my heart. The juice is very expensive.

Obviously, the atomized core has already done well. How can it leak oil without saying anything?

Although my hands are clumsy, I still have been using the vape for a few years.

So, how to deal with the leaking?

juice leaking

In fact, most of the e juice leakage is due to the fact that the cotton is not dealt with properly.

Vaper A: nonsense! Who won’t plug in cotton!? It’s a foolproof matter.

Well, yes, you are absolutely right. But take apart the leaking atomizer first. Look, these oil outlets are big holes. The upside is blocked. But the downside is not blocked. Sooner or later, it has to leak.


First look at the working theory of the RTA structure (e juice storage atomizer). The atomization silo is placed in the oil bin and the bottom is connected to the oil bin through the oil guide. Think about the physics knowledge of the junior middle school, this is a “connector” connected by the bottom. In the connector, the level of each vessel connected to each other is at the same height.

The blue lines in the picture represent the oil surface. Under the influence of the baro, the smoke and oil in the oil storehouse will continuously enter into the atomized warehouse to observe the physical phenomena and keep the liquid level of the connecting device consistent. This is the science…

Once the liquid level inside the atomizer exceeds the intake port, it will flow into the air passage and leak out of the hole, causing oil leakage.

So, the oil/ e juice leakage is inevitable.

This is science…

In order to postpone and restrict the rapid entry of the tar into the atomization bin, the correct way to deal with it is to handle the cotton correctly.

Cotton can not only transmit vape juicec to the coil for consumption, but also play a role of blocking the oil inlet when it does not consume e liquid, so as to prevent the accumulation of higher liquid level inside the storage tank.

Many friends often use it for a day without any problem, but when they wake up, they find that the atomizer leaks, because the atomizer will not be consumed in the silo after a night of placing still, and the height exceeds the air hole.

juice leaking

Since the double column 4 hole structure appeared, the installation coil is very convenient and a lot of vaper people love it, so its application is very wide, find the suitable length cotton, plug it through the coil into the bottom oil slot directly, then it’s OK, but is it really finished?

Many people who use Merlin mini say it leaks, even if it’s stuffed with cotton, they also leak juice.

Jesse once saw a video, when a new user fill up the vape with juice, the air holes began to leak like springs.

Jesse told him that the cotton had not been handled well, but the bro sworn to have done it in accordance with instructions, tutorials and videos.

Jesse asked him open the atomizer and checked the oil outlet, no wonder it leaks.

Although the quantity of cotton is suitable, the oil tank is full, but the guide port is not treated. After the cotton absorbs the oil, the fiber will shrink. If it is not adjusted well, the oil guide will become “the vent“…

e juice

At present, more and more RTA has double column four holes structure, the convenience of height often makes the user ignore the position of the oil inlet, the correct way is to plug enough cotton at the oil slot. At the same time, the oil guide must be treated with tweezers, make the cotton fill the oil mouth, no gap should be left.

cotton vape

For example, the eSMOK TFV-8 RBA base Jesse has been using, also occurs oil leakage often, once another leak of oil, Jesse opened the atomizer and observed it, discoverying  the oil inlet is not well made.

Although the cotton is placed very standard, there is a large gap at the inlet of the oil, and the vape juice will gradually flow into the atomizer chamber from the gap, and the oil leakage is inevitable.

vape juice

The correct way is to use the sharp tweezers to adjust the cotton in the oil guide after the cotton is stuffed. By stretching and playing with the cotton, the cotton will be filled with the oil guide, and the gap is not left, so the possibility of the oil leakage is reduced to the lowest.


You can observe the form of cotton in the oil opening through the transparent oil storehouse with most of the RTA . If the gap can be seen clearly, it should be adjusted in time, or the cotton should be replaced.

rda leaking

Merlin Mini’s oil outlet is relatively small, so the importance here is hard for general users to find.

At present, most of the structure of the atomizer supports the flower type coil. To ensure the quantity of oil supply, the oil guide mouth is getting bigger and bigger. For this kind of atomizer, more attention should be paid to the adjustment of cotton at the inlet of the oil guide.

For example, the recent popular WAKE RTA, the size of the oil mouth is very large, and the treatment of cotton is very convenient, it’s very confusing, many users  cut cotton, cover the outer cover,  the make it automatically enter the oil tank, isn’t it convenient?

But what about the oil guide? Take a closer look. This is not perfect. There are many gaps.

WAKE RTASuch an oil outlet, after installation, the oil gap will increase, causing e-liquid leakage.

So we must adjust the cotton of the oil outlet, like the right side of the picture, the cotton at the oil outlet should be full, and it should be full of oil outlet without gaps., so as to prevent the fast entering into the atomization of the oil and oil into the silo.


Similar structure like Cleto’s RBA kit, the size of the oil outlet is relatively large. If the cotton is not handled well, it will also leak juice very easily.

Therefore,you must pay attention to the new RTA when using not only caring about if the cotton is not just stuffed. It is also necessary to manage the channel of the oil storehouse and the atomizer.


Maybe you will say that you only use RDA (dripping oil atomizer), you’re not afraid of oil leakage?

Aha, drip oil and oil storage structure is very similar, we should pay attention to the amount of the appropriate eliquid, once the liquid level in the tank exceeds the air hole, it will also leak oil!

It is also important to note that cotton must be far away from the air hole! Stay away from the air hole! Away from the air hole!!! To avoid the e liquid leaking into the air hole, causing oil leakage!

leakage rda leakage rda

In fact, in the prevention of oil leakage, the vapes in market has been done more perfect, when dismantling the finished product atomizer core,  there will be two layers of cotton, the outer layer of cotton in the guide mouth is to limit the flow rate of e liquid, avoid oil leaking.


The oil leaking is a nuisance! Just like when the author is playing the game, then the most annoying assassin, he suddenly jumps out and takes you away, leaving you feeling bad.

However, as long as we master the principles and techniques, we can keep away from the e liquid leakage.

The strategic games focus on equipment, electronic cigarette should also be adjusted according to the structural characteristics of the equipment, so as to enjoy the real fun.

vape juice leaking

If you are an electronic cigarette player, you have your own unique view. Welcome to contribute to the VAPE HK. Once the manuscript is used, the corresponding gadget will be rewarded.


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