E-cigarettes are not harmless, but safer than traditional cigarettes, a British study has reiterated

Recently, a British study has reiterated that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The Committee on the toxicity of chemicals in the food, consumer goods and the environment (COT), composed of independent experts, was commissioned by the Ministry of health and social care and public health to jointly review the electronic nicotine delivery systems and devices (ends) using electronic liquids containing no nicotine.

The review found that, in the appropriate production and use of end products, “the adverse health effects of alternatives may generally be reduced, although the extent of the decline will depend on the related effects of cigarettes.

Cot also examined the role of potential toxicity in aerosol smoke. The review again found that “the use of end products may be associated with risk reduction compared to traditional cigarettes, but this should not be taken as implying that these products are risk-free.”

The review highlights best practices in manufacturing and production to minimize risk. Cot pointed out that “the fidelity of structure, materials used and operation capability” is an important factor for equipment, while for electronic liquid, formula food should be extracted from reputable sources, and non-standard ingredients should not be included.

The cot review also covered lung injury events seen in the United States, confirming that vitamin E acetate was “closely related” to these cases. Cot further states that the use of the substance is prohibited in nicotine aerosol products which are controlled in the UK.

“Our assessment of e-cigarettes has greatly strengthened the scientific consensus so far on their relative safety, although they are not entirely harmless, they are far less harmful than smoking,” said Alan boobis, cot chairman.

“We welcome this review as we contribute to the growing literature on smoking as it helps us better understand the harm reduction and public health potential of smoking,” John Dunn, director of the UK Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (ukvia), said in a statement. Ukvia is pleased to see that cot has confirmed that the overall risk of people from smoking to smoking is reduced, as this is the cornerstone of our mission. “

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