Friday, April 19, 2024

Dozens of China vape enterprises are busy attending overseas vape shows • VAPE HK


Chinese vape companies have been actively participating in major overseas e-cigarette shows in the first two months of this year.

Dozens of China-based enterprises have been seen sending their staff to apply for visas to attend various tobacco or e-cigarette events. In North America alone, over 30 Chinese e-cigarette companies participated in significant tobacco events. This year, the primary focus for Chinese companies is to explore overseas markets, seek orders, and expand their global reach. Attending these events and investigating international markets has become a crucial theme for Chinese vape companies.

In March, at the American Florida Vape Show (APE), some reports have shown that well-known Chinese brands such as Smoore, Plode, Hanqingda, and Niwo Group were present. Over 220 enterprises participated in APE, and about 19 Chinese e-cigarette brands were present, including Airlove, Biffbar (Kelvion Technology), Boulder (Plode), Lavoo, FOF, Fume, InstaBar, Vaporesso (Smoore), HQD (Hanqingda), Unoverse, Vapsi (Niwo Group), as well as e-cigarette manufacturers such as Happy Vaping (Shenzhen Kanghongwei Technology), Cannbro, and Dongguan Greentime (Dongguan Time Electronic).

Similarly, at the TPE show, many Chinese e-cigarette companies such as Smoore, Elfbar, Zovoo, FirstUnion, Innokin, SMOK, Uwell, and HQD were present, indicating that Chinese companies are increasingly participating in the European and American markets.

From the high participation of over 130 e-cigarette companies at TPE to the gathering of over 200 enterprises at APE, Chinese e-cigarette companies have been frequently present in European and American markets. Many dealers from European and American regions attend these events to discuss and establish new e-cigarette market relationships.

These events showcase a large number of e-cigarette products and even include non-cigarette products such as CBD. Although these events are not primarily e-cigarette exhibitions, e-cigarette brands have been gaining popularity, particularly with the presence of Chinese companies. The booth layout tends to be simple, with the brand’s main visual identity remaining unchanged. New brands showcase large exhibition spaces to expand their market and to make a significant impact in their debut.

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