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Do You know Of Any Real Looking E Cigs With Glowing Tips?


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Hi there,

A play I am doing in May requires my character to be a heavy smoker and I’m a committed non-smoker (though used to smoke in my old drama school days).

Do you know if any of the real-looking e-cigs have glowing tips?

What I need is, a whole pack of twenty ready to go that I can fake lighting and smoke throughout the performance…possibly an expensive business.

Also – I assume you can get nicotine free capsules, can you?

Any advice gratefully received




Hey James,

Interesting question! A couple of years ago I could have recommended a fair few different suitable options but the e cig ‘landscape’ has change a little over last couple of years.

I’ll do my best to help you out. There are products but generally not in packs of 20 so to speak.

Also there aren’t many cig-a-like e cigarettes that glow orange anymore as they are trying to get away from the cig similarity. Also there are brands that look like e cigs but only have high nicotine refills.

The following may fit what you need based on zero nicotine and the rel cigarette looks.


These are the best out there at the moment. Comes with carry case and the flavours are excellent with the tobacco alternative being very close to the real thing.

Check out the full range here

Smokers Angel / E Cigarette Direct

These guys have stopped selling the actual kit but still have cig-a-like batteries and zero nicotine cartridges available.

You would need to buy a charger for the batteries as well.

Will need to ask if they glow orange. Keep in mind these probably wont fit in a cigarette pack (I don’t think). Again may need to ask them. Maybe fit in a 100’s pack if they still do them!?

OK Cigs 

OK Cigs Rechargeable e cigs

You will need to purchase separate zero nicotine refills for their re-chargeable e cig. Will need to ask them if tip glows orange. Also the size may be a touch bigger than a standard cigarette.


iCig cig-a-like range

They do a mini e cigarette that is all white and similar size. They do sell zero nicotine refills but will need to be purchased separately. Will need to ask them if the tip glows however.

Hopefully you kind find a solution from those. You may need to be creative with the box though. Also a bit organization will be needed with the charging!

And test the battery times before going on stage 🙂

Good luck with the search and hope you find something suitable.



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